Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Musical at The Oswald Theater

The other day the kids put on a play for me. It was called "Thunder Mountain"
Lily was a princess who lived on top of the mountain and she was waiting for a prince to come and marry her.
Ashton and Bailey were cowboys "Smith" and "Big"
They had horses and little pistols.
The first musical number was Smith and Big singing about how they were going to marry the princess:
"I'm going to marry the princess" sang Smith
"No, I'm going to marry the princess" sang Big
"No I am"
"No I am"
"No I am"
"No I am"
Lily had music from her piano playing and she would whisper the words to the boys before they sang.
Then both the cowboys raced up the mountain to ask the princess to marry them.
Next the princess sang about how she couldn't marry the cowboys because she wanted to marry a prince. And she was sorry but she wasn't that "in" to horses. Lots of singing "I'm sorry!" over and over! Eyes closed, arms outstretched.
The same music as the cowboys' song played on the piano, just different words.
And that was the end. I really had to contain my laughter! They did a great job with very little rehearsals. Oh, my silly kids!


Bon said...

Your kids are so cute !
love, auntie Bonnie