Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here are my trick-or-treaters:

Oh Cleopatra!

She is such a poser (the good kind!)

The Balerina Princess

That was the sweet, now here is the scary!

I think it's funny to say "smile!" or  "say cheese!" when they are wearing masks!

We carved our pumpkins earlier today. Almost everybody enjoyed removing the guts and then DaddyO and I (mostly DaddyO) carved them.

I carved the bat for Daisy, Lily picked a Twilight theme, Bailey's is the skeleton and Ashton picked the headless horseman. I think they turned out really cool, but I suck at taking pics without natural lighting!

My Mom brought this cool pumpkin
that she decorated with sunflower seeds.

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

No no! Thank YOU!

The Daily Dribbles

My therapy session for today is all about helping me deal with road rage! If you need some "Thank You Very Much" therapy, join in or visit Kmama at The Daily Dribbles.

To the red light running lady driving around town, Thank You Very Much! I'm sure you got your drivers license out of a cracker jacks box, but even my 6 year olds know that you are supposed to STOP when the light turns red. And thank you very much for raising your arms in disbelief after I honked at you, like you had absolutely no idea you did anything wrong! Honey, THERE IS something wrong when my light is green and you are just entering the intersection from the opposite direction!

To the parents dropping their kids off at school, Thank You Very Much for speeding through the school zone. Are you kidding me? Did you forget that you were driving in a 15mph zone while your unrestrained child was sitting next to you in the fron seat? Please get a clue! There is no reason to speed when unpredictable children are in the area!

Ok, I'm not sure this helped! LOL I just got myself all worked up again over these bad drivers.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warning!! Warning!! Daisy Overload!

Well, Daisy isn't talking too much but she had a very busy day yesterday filled with comical situations!

First of all, she let me get 6 consecutive hours of sleep. The first time since her birth!

After her excellent night of sleep, she took a 2 1/2 hour nap.

Daisy and I were in my bathroom and she was combing her hair with two of my combs. I stepped in to the closet to put something in the laundry basket and when I came out (5 seconds max) she was stirring the toilet water with my combs.

While I was changing her messy diaper, she reached down and grabbed the diaper. I was positive that something had fallen out of the diaper but I couldn't see anything. After washing our hands, we came back in to her room and I noticed a big chunk of poo on the front of her dresser.

At dinner, Miss Daisy flung spaghetti noodles to EVERY corner of the kitchen!

She sat in the rocking chair or at least in front of the pink blanket and let me take 35 pictures of her! I was planning on getting one shot really quick before she flipped out of the chair!

Progression around the rocking chair.

And the best part.........................


I am still in shock! I had to display the evidence. It's kind of like pinching myself!

Is "X-Large" photo size a new Blogger option or have I just not been paying attention?

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Wordless Wednesday

WW ~ Sitting for pictures WITH a headband on!

(to fully enjoy this picture,  you may want to click on it!)

fyi: Daisy will be featured in the next edition of "What Would Your Children Say Wednesday," later today!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Super Heroes

Saving the day somewhere over Toronto? (I found this cityscape on ClipArt)

p.s. Since I'm in a Memory Lane kind of mood this week, I think I'm going to post pictures from our Halloweens for the last 9 years! Stay tuned!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I ♥ Faces 42 - Halloween Dress-up

i heart faces is a photography blogsite that hosts weekly photo contests of faces for both kids & adults. This weeks theme is "Halloween Dress-Up". To join in the fun & enter just visit their blog here.

Cowboy Ashton

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hair History

A few of you noticed Lily's new haircut in our Acation photos so I thought I would share the history of her hair.

Lily was born with more hair than any of my other babies. That isn't saying too much! hee hee!

By the time she was 10 months we could get a really good curl on top of her head.

Right around her 1st Birthday, I was able to get two little pony tails on top of her head.

By 18 months, braids on top of her head!

A few months after her 2nd Birthday, Lily got her first haircut.

I TRIED some creative hairstyles.

Then, through the years, there were trims with a few inches taken off here and there.

3rd - 5th Birthdays

6th and 7th Birthdays

And even though she looked like this,

Lily and I were getting tired of all the pulling and tugging it took to comb through ALL that hair. She would cry and scream every time I had to comb it! DaddyO didn't think we should cut it so one night  I asked him if he would wash and then comb Lily's hair. When he was done he said "Go ahead and cut it!" So, after Lily's 7th Birthday she decided she wanted to get her hair CUT!

She had 10.5 inches of hair cut off which she donated to Lox of Love.

After 2 years, her hair had grown pretty long again.

8th and 9th Birthdays

And we decided it was time for another break from all the combing. Just before our Acation she decided to chop a bunch of hair off again. She left the salon in tears, hating her hair. But now she loves it and it has been so much easier to do her hair!

Sorry if I've just bored you to tears! I'm just using my blog as an excuse to take a trip down memory lane. I had fun!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thank You Very Much!

The Daily Dribbles

Kmama at The Daily Dribbles is hosting the very theraputic/sarcastic Thank You Very Much blog carnival. At first, I didn't think I could come with anyone to thank, but once I got started I just  couldn't stop!

To condo owners. Thank you very much for placing unflattering mirrors in your condo. And Thank You Very Much for hanging them on every empty wall and closet door you could find! I am used to seeing myself in our mirrors at home and usually only with a "front" view. I do not appreciate seeing EVERY angle of myself EVERY time I turn around!

To Lily, for picking out a darling outfit at the store, begging us to buy it, and loving it when you tried it on again at home. And then, on the day you wear it to school, for deciding that now you hated the outfit because you thought it made you look ugly and you didn't like the way the collar felt. Thank you very much for crying and screaming like I had forced you to buy the outfit and then forced you to wear it to school! Please please please don't harrass me about the clothes YOU pick out! And, fyi, by the time she got home from school she loved the outfit again and wasn't bothered by the collar AT ALL!

To Daisy, thank you very much for waking up at midnight (twice this week) and thinking it was time to play! Although you are very cute and fun to play with, when I'm just laying down to sleep, I really don't want to work so hard to get YOU back to sleep. And an added thank you very much to DaddyO for getting 11 hours of sleep last night!

To my cute boys. Thank you very much for waiting until after the tball game started to let me know you needed to go to the bathroom. Ashton came running off the field and made it to the bathroom in time, but Bailey was not so lucky. I saw him on 2nd base dancing and skipping around while holding on to himself. I knew he was in trouble and hoped he'd be able to make it to home in time. As I watched him on 3rd base the dark spot in the crotch of his pants grew bigger. By the time he made it back he was soggy! This was only the 2nd inning! I took him in to the bathroom and tried to use gobs of T.P. to dry up his pants. I told both of you to use the bathroom before we left the house. You should probably both thank yourselves very much!

To the family at tball with 4 boys and another baby on the way. Thank you for having young boys scattered in every direction of the ball park. Thank you for making ME worry about them falling off railings, falling out of trees or being kidnapped while you take photos of your son who is not so excited to be playing tball. Thank you for signing up "said boy" for tball when clearly he just wants to run around in circles and touch each white diamond on his way or he just wants to sit in the outfield throwing his mitt in the air trying to catch flies. Oh, and when your current youngest son threw dirt at my baby's face, Thank You Very Much for saying "no no honey." Like he had just done something cute. Really! Thank You Very Much!

And a serious Thank You Very Much to Kmama for hosting this therapy session!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Boys

Lily has been dominating Wednesdays for the last couple of weeks so I thought we should get the boys in on the comedy action!

The boys were getting ready for school. Ashton was trying to talk Bailey in to wearing matching underwear.

Ash said "Bay! If you wear these, we will be twins!"

I was sitting at the computer. Bailey ran by me and I thought I smelled something stinky.

I asked "Bailey? Do you have a stinky diaper?"

He replied "No! That's Ashton's breath!"

He really did have a bad diaper.

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