Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Acation Day 3

First, I would like to tell you that almost ALL of the people who were sound asleep while I was typing yesterday's post, caused me to lose sleep later that night!
DaddyO - fell asleep at 7:30pm, then for some reason sleep-walked downstairs and fell asleep on the couch. I spent at least 20 minutes (that I could have been sleeping) trying unsuccessfully to wake him up to come to bed!
Lily - went to sleep over at her friends house. At 2am I get a call from her friend's Mom telling me that Lily wants to come home! The ringing phone woke up DaddyO and I sent him down the street to bring her home.
Ashton - slept all night and didn't bother any one!
Bailey - Not long after I had put Lily in her own bed and was trying to get back to sleep, Bailey came in to our room complaining of having a bad dream. He tried to get in to bed with us but I talked him in to sleeping on a blanket on the floor.
Daisy - this little Miss woke up 3 times last night requiring assistance to get back to sleep!

And that is what I get for having an evening of quiet peace on the couch!

Second, I will end the cliff hanger from Day 2 of our vacation. After the zoo and after we had lunch, Ashton had absolutely no more fevers! No more sickness at all from him or anyone else in the family! Yay!!!!!!!!!

Now, Day 3:

Originally we had only planned on going to the Zoo. But with the savings of getting the kids in for free, we decided to check out LegoLand and the Sea Life Aquarium. This deal was especially sweet because I got coupons to get the kids in for free at both of these places! Legoland was closed today so we visited the aquarium.

The kids had a blast checking out all the sea life! Bailey and Daisy even got to touch some starfish (the other two kiddos were not interested). The aquarium was not very big and we were finished there right around lunch time. DaddyO found us a great restaurant right on the ocean and we sat outside and had a fabulous lunch! The temp was perfect, the air was fresh, and the waves were very relaxing. The kids were even well behaved and only required minor coaxing to eat their lunch!

And then, FINALLY, we took the kids to the beach!

I don't know why I always forget how much fun the kids have at the beach. They could run and play in the sand ALL day. And it's FREE!

After the beach we took the kids to the pool/hot tub to warm up and rinse off all of the sand (in the pool showers)! We ended the day with DaddyO's stroganoff for dinner.

Next time on "Our Acation" (said in a Jeff Probst voice) - LegoLand
and be sure to check back later today for What Would Your Children Say Wednesday

OH! PS: this is my 100th post! I published my first post on 10/5/08. It has taken over a year to complete 100 posts!


Clueless_Mama said...

So glad noone else got sick or stayed sick. Congrats on your
100th post. I think you are great. These pics look like the ones my sister just took this past week. She was at Legoland too!

SarahMerritt said...

Wow no one else got sick that is lucky! I love the picture with your girls and their daddy how sweet is that! My next post is my 100th post!


Jules said...

Glad you are all better.

The beach pictures are my favorite. It is always a great time!

Ave said...

Congratulations for the 100th post :)
Great pictures! I love aquariums :)

Kim said...

Sounds like the sleep in our house at times, I couldn't imagince having 4 to interrupt my sleep, I admire you for doing it.

The aquarium and beach sound great. I am sure all of you were relived that Bailey got better and nobody else got it.

HeatherOz said...

heeeeeeeee hooooooo

so much FUN!