Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hair History

A few of you noticed Lily's new haircut in our Acation photos so I thought I would share the history of her hair.

Lily was born with more hair than any of my other babies. That isn't saying too much! hee hee!

By the time she was 10 months we could get a really good curl on top of her head.

Right around her 1st Birthday, I was able to get two little pony tails on top of her head.

By 18 months, braids on top of her head!

A few months after her 2nd Birthday, Lily got her first haircut.

I TRIED some creative hairstyles.

Then, through the years, there were trims with a few inches taken off here and there.

3rd - 5th Birthdays

6th and 7th Birthdays

And even though she looked like this,

Lily and I were getting tired of all the pulling and tugging it took to comb through ALL that hair. She would cry and scream every time I had to comb it! DaddyO didn't think we should cut it so one night  I asked him if he would wash and then comb Lily's hair. When he was done he said "Go ahead and cut it!" So, after Lily's 7th Birthday she decided she wanted to get her hair CUT!

She had 10.5 inches of hair cut off which she donated to Lox of Love.

After 2 years, her hair had grown pretty long again.

8th and 9th Birthdays

And we decided it was time for another break from all the combing. Just before our Acation she decided to chop a bunch of hair off again. She left the salon in tears, hating her hair. But now she loves it and it has been so much easier to do her hair!

Sorry if I've just bored you to tears! I'm just using my blog as an excuse to take a trip down memory lane. I had fun!


Foursons said...

She is absolutely stunning- short or long hair. I can't get over the picture under her 6th and 7th birthday pictures. Her eyes are as blue as her turquoise shirt and I honestly thought that was an advertisement for something and you were using it to show what her hair looked like but it wasn't actually her. Weird- I know. Anyhow, she is gorgeous!!!

blueviolet said...

She's beautiful, long or short, but I love that you've donated her locks!

{Kimber} said...

she is adorable either way :)

April said...

How sweet! It's always fun to try now things... especially if your hair goes back FAST! Mine certainly doesn't, so I have to be FED UP before I will ever cut it short again :) I am just a long hairs girl I guess.

Your daughter looks great with both styles!

{Jamie} said...

She is such a pretty girl! Ariel's hair has always been such a pain to comb when long so that's why we keep hers short as well!

He & Me + 3 said...

She is gorgeous and has gorgeous hair. Actress donated one time too. It was so cool for her. great pictures. Again..she is beautiful.

Brandi said...

She is a doll. What a special gift for her to donate to Lox. She's absolutely stunning... short or long, but I think her new cut is adorable!

Kim said...

I loved reading about and all of the pictures in Lily's hair history. How cute! She is gorgeous with both long and short hair. I love it when little girls can pull off a bob though it is jusy sassy! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

She is so beautiful! I love all the different hairstyles.

Angie Vik said...

Her hair is a part of her history and it's fun to remember. While she has cute hair, the nicest thing about her is her smile.

Kmama said...

She's such a beautiful girl!! I love her cut!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Nothing boring here... :o) That was a fun trip down memory lane!
She is truly a gorgeous girl! I love her blue eyes with her dark hair!

Thank you sweet Lily for donating your beautiful hair to Locks of Love! Our son grew out his hair after losing it all with chemo...and in his Junior year of high school, there was an assembly, where he led the school in raising money for Children's Miracle network and also had students and faculty cut all 10.5 inches off to donate to Locks of Love :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Kari @ p.s. said...

First of all - beautiful daughter. I can't believe she had so much hair at two years. Bella has the fine blonde hair. So, not thick, and doesn't grow fast. Awesome that she donated her hair. I have done it twice. Once in 2002, 14" to Locks of Love and then last year in 2008, 11" to Pantene for women with cancer. It's a great feeling and it always grows back! I love her hair now. She's a doll!