Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Playin' Dress-up

WW-The girls were playing dress-up with Lily's baby clothes.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

True Story Tuesday - Um, I Told You So!

Last week we were getting ready to leave the house for one of our Christmas activities.  Everyone was in the car waiting for me. I came out of the house and noticed that the front end of DaddyO's car was parked slightly over the middle line of the driveway. (my car is parked in the garage and his is in the driveway)

I said "DaddyO? Can you get out of the garage without hitting your car?"

He said "Yes" In a "of course I can, I am the world's best driver" tone!

We all got buckled in and DaddyO started backing out of the garage. The boys were in the back seat fighting about something. DaddyO turned around to issue threats and try to watch where he was going at the same time. Mid-sentence of telling the boys to "get along or else" we heard a "KAAA-Runch!!!"

I lowered my head, closed my eyes and held on tight to my lips so no "I told you so's"  would slip out of my mouth.

DaddyO blurted out a few choice words and got out of the car to inspect the damage.

Can you believe he couldn't find a scratch? He thinks my back bumper  or tire hit his tire. Wooh! It sounded A LOT worse but all we got out of it was a good laugh!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas Activities

Hey everyone! How was your Christmas? We had a VERY busy and fun week! It took me 2 days to edit all of these photos. So hold on to your horses cuz there's A LOT!!

We started our festivities on Wednesday and visited a local town to see their Christmas tree made entirely out of tumble weeds.

Later that night we went to a local place that has lots of fun christmas lights.

Pretty much every inch of the place was covered in lights.

They had a bunch a pretty Nativity Scenes.

Daisy sat in her stroller and didn't budge or make a peep the entire time!

Christmas Eve morning we decided to make gingerbread houses.

We made a HUGE mess, but we had a great time making these beauties!

For dinner, the kids got to make snowman pizzas. I got the brilliant idea from Julie.

Lily gave her snowman hair.

Daisy enjoyed everyone's creations!

After dinner, we roasted marshmallows in the backyard.

Everyone got to open one present before bed.

It's always the jammies.

Here's the tree before the Oswald Tornado hit and sent wrapping paper flying in every direction!

Did you notice the patch of lights that aren't lit?

And finally the big day arrived! Just wait until you see how many pictures I took on Christmas Day!

I got ONE picture of Daisy playing on her new toy and I got a picture of our breakfast. Daddy and I made a team effort and whipped up breakfast pie and my Mom made and delivered a delicious tea ring! After that I was very busy opening up plastic packaging and installing many many batteries!

And I am finally done!
Any big plans for New Year's?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Photos From Christmas Past

I've been wanting to do this ALL month and I figured I better take care of it BEFORE Christmas. Every year, since we had Lily, we take an annual family photo to include in our Christmas cards. Please enjoy the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from our last 10 Christmases!


This was "pre-digital camera" and had to be scanned!


This one did not scan well!


Not long after this photo was taken, I found out I was pregnant with twins!


This photo contains the evidence that the boys stockings WERE complete for their first Christmas!


Our first Christmas in AZ.


Don't ask about the overalls! Seriously!!


Bare feet and green grass in December!


Just days after this photo was taken, I found out I was pregnant with baby #4...aka Miss Daisy...aka the Trouble Maker!


Decorations at the local shopping center are very useful!


We parked the car in the middle of the street and hopped out to quickly get this shot.

Happy Christmas Eve Everybody! Stay Safe AND Warm!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

WW - Seriously, WORDLESS!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TST - Another Potty Post

Yay! It's Tuesday and time for True Story Tuesday! Click over to Once Upon a Miracle to hear other hilarious tales and if  you're lucky maybe even more bathroom related true stories.

We are watching Elf right now and I am using DaddyO's computer to try to get my TST post in before midnight. I tried to write a post last night but I couldn't think of anything interesting. I spent the day cleaning toilets and got some interesting inspiration. I hope you're not sick of my "potty posts!"

My boys have a very special "bathroom philosophy." Their goal when they need to "go" is to try not to touch ANYTHING. You see, if you don't touch anything, you don't have to waste time washing your hands! So they go in to the bathroom and they don't lift the toilet seat, they don't touch "themselves" when they are going and they usually don't touch the flusher!!! The result of this fine philosophy is that there is pee left IN the toilet, ON the toilet and ALL OVER the  floors and sometimes the walls. I really enjoyed cleaning up after their "philosophy" today! Usually Lily and I notice their "time savings" when we sit down to use the toilet and we get up all wet!

Boys Boys Boys!! I told them that they need to wash their hands just from exposure to the germs in the air in the bathroom.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Projects

Just wanted to show you guys the projects I have been working on that had me so stressed out last week. Everything was completed and delivered, just in time, Friday morning.
Let's start with teacher gifts. I decided to make a stack of greeting cards for the kids' teachers. I used my, already on hand, stamp collection and scraps of scrapbook paper. The only thing I had to buy were the blank cards and envelopes which cost about $10. So I basically only spent $2 per teacher. I spent the last month working on them and just finished wrapping them up this week!

This is my favorite one.

I also covered a little note pad with scrapbook paper, added a flower and packaged everything up together.

Then I thought it would be a good idea to make treats for every kid in each of my kids' classes. Yep, I made 72 of these bad boys! I cut each of them out by hand! When I was done my hand was a mangled, cramped mess!

OH, you silly geese! I'm just kidding!! I have a machine that cut out each little reindeer. It took forever to cut everything out though and I had to draw the mouth, punch the hole for the nose, glue on the eyes, add my kids' names on the back and stamp a holiday greeting on each one. I bought about 100 bags of m&m's and picked all of the red ones out, one by one. I ate everything that wasn't red! Oh my sweet goslings, I'm messin' with ya again. They make tubs of individual color m&m's now. I even had a coupon!

Now that these projects are done I am feeling much less stress and am ready to enjoy our Holiday activities this week! Everyone is home for the next 2 weeks, EVEN DaddyO!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Greeting

Just wanted to send you all some holiday wishes! This is the same card I sent in the mail. Blog greetings are much less time consuming and much more cost effective! LOL
Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to all..............and goodnight!