Tuesday, December 29, 2009

True Story Tuesday - Um, I Told You So!

Last week we were getting ready to leave the house for one of our Christmas activities.  Everyone was in the car waiting for me. I came out of the house and noticed that the front end of DaddyO's car was parked slightly over the middle line of the driveway. (my car is parked in the garage and his is in the driveway)

I said "DaddyO? Can you get out of the garage without hitting your car?"

He said "Yes" In a "of course I can, I am the world's best driver" tone!

We all got buckled in and DaddyO started backing out of the garage. The boys were in the back seat fighting about something. DaddyO turned around to issue threats and try to watch where he was going at the same time. Mid-sentence of telling the boys to "get along or else" we heard a "KAAA-Runch!!!"

I lowered my head, closed my eyes and held on tight to my lips so no "I told you so's"  would slip out of my mouth.

DaddyO blurted out a few choice words and got out of the car to inspect the damage.

Can you believe he couldn't find a scratch? He thinks my back bumper  or tire hit his tire. Wooh! It sounded A LOT worse but all we got out of it was a good laugh!

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Angimom said...

That's Hilarious!! You totally crack-me-up with your stories!! Can't wait til January 15th!

He & Me + 3 said...

LOL I totally did that to my moms car only she was parked right behind mine. I cracked her bumper. LOL Glad there was no damage.

Kmama said...

Oh man, you are so lucky! We've hit my parent's car twice in our driveway!! One time was when Buster had his first seizure and we were flying out of the garage and really nailed it. Oops!

I love that you had to "hold" your lips together. LOL

Kim said...

I can pciture the whole thing and I would have had to keep my big mouth shut too. Glad there was no damage. If it were me that did it it would have been ON, lol!

Rachel said...

Are you serious?!?! I was totally picturing some bent metal involved - and the part about no damage is AMAZING!

And I guess your post is confirmation that I really am truly supposed to write about the day I got my driver's license... but darn I was hoping to escape that particular TST (cuz Mr. Daddy wouldn't ever let me live it down!)

So glad the cars were okay - and you are waaay sweeter than me - I would have been SINGING "I told ya so"! :)

Thanks for linking up - got the giggles reading it!

Jenilee said...

Oh, we have been there! I was in the van and forgot that Jeremy's car was behind mine. I side-swiped his car! it was awful. thankfully, nothing happened to your husbands car!

Lindy said...

just here at grandmas watching ti snow so we can't come home til tomorrow. i am reading this on someone's b-day. Happy Birthday from the Utah family (can you hear us singing, "today is a b-day i wonder for who..." anyway, missing you all and will call you later. love - grandma/mom

Foursons said...

Like Rachel I so would have been singing "I told you so" repeatedly. Like a broken record repeatedly. Hahaha.

Emily said...

Woah...that is truly amazing! I wish that had happened to me...but instead I have a big scrape on the side of my car where my husband hit the side of the garage. I was unable to hold back the "I told you" sos along with a few other things I'm sure!

Angimom said...

Hey Guys I Cant Wait until We see each other again and i can't wait to hear from you guys!!!!!
Luv your luving Cousin