Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Dollop is 5 Months Old!

Daisy E

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!!!!

I had a very different idea for this birthday song. Ashton and Bailey were supposed to be playing the guitars with everyone singing and Lily holding Daisy. Unfortunately, Daisy was asleep and Ashton and Bailey were not feeling well. Especially Bailey. Ashton tried to sing and if you listen closely at the end you can hear Bailey in the background trying to get in a little message. Happy Birthday!!!! We Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisy wanted to give you a birthday smile!! And this is what the boys were doing before I tried to get everyone to sing.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hey Great Grandma! This is for You!!

Hi Grandma! We just wanted to let you know how very important our cuddle quilts are!!!!
Our blue/gold wedding quilt: This is the blanket we always use to watch movies with! It is used EVERY night when Lily sneaks in to our room to sleep on the floor. And it works perfectly to make forts over chairs or the pool table. It also works really well as a photo backdrop! And yes, we did go to the ocean on our honeymoon/Mexican Cruise.
Lily's cuddle quilt: Lily's is getting a little too small for her but it is the only blanket she uses. Even though she has other blankets this is the only one that helps when we make her sleep in her own bed! It has been so loved, it has a little heart patch from when it got a little hole. Grandma Lindy fixed it!
Ashton's cuddle quilt: It seems like Ashton's blanket is the one that is always missing at bed time. And he can't sleep without it. We turn the house upside down to find it and usually it's in the car in his car seat!
Bailey's cuddle quilt: Bailey is VERY attached to his blanket! He likes to sleep ON his blanket, always blue side up. I seem to wash his the most often because he has to bring it with him to the dinner table!
Daisy's cuddle quilt: Daisy is in blanket training. I tuck it in to her mattress and when she sleeps she turns her head to the side so her cheek can touch the blanket.
Thank you for our cuddle quilts Grandma! We love to wrap ourselves in your love!
ps: Candice, Bonnie and Angi
thank you for the comments!! It is good to know you are watching! Bonnie, the changes I made to my blog the other day didn't have the pictures on the right side of the page and I'm not sure I love the white background. I kinda like this new green and it matches my new header. What'a'ya think?
pss: Way to go Mom on posting a comment!!! tee hee!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just a Little Eye Candy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Good Laugh to Start the Day!

This morning Ashton wanted to take his spider book to school with him. I told him no because it wasn't his day to take show and tell. He was mad at me.
Then in the car, just as he was about to get out, he showed me a picture he had drawn and said "Hah! I'm going to take this!"
I rolled my eyes at him and he said:
"MOM! You have to give me respect!"
I laughed my head off! I don't think that was the response he was going for. Where do 5 year olds come up with it?! I've never told him he has to give me respect!

Ashton made a little book of pictures that he had drawn. Since the tape and the staples were safely hidden away he had come up with another way to bind his book. GUM! He decided he wanted to take the book to school to show his teacher. I said "ok, but don't tell her how you glued it together because it's kinda gross!" He agreed.
This morning the boys told me that Ash had given his teacher the book and he didn't tell her how he glued it but while he was showing it to the whole class Bailey let EVERYONE know about the gum! They said the whole class laughed. Oh the comedy!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

We didn't do anything exciting for New Year's, so here are some of our Xmas pics!

One of our family photo attempts.

All our stockings hung in a row.

A new Christmas tradition: Christmas Eve weenie roast including s'mores!

Daisy's first Christmas. Hangin with Grandma and Grandpa.

Everyone got new long johns.

Opening up presents. The kids didn't wake us up until 7am. I expected much earlier!