Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Good Laugh to Start the Day!

This morning Ashton wanted to take his spider book to school with him. I told him no because it wasn't his day to take show and tell. He was mad at me.
Then in the car, just as he was about to get out, he showed me a picture he had drawn and said "Hah! I'm going to take this!"
I rolled my eyes at him and he said:
"MOM! You have to give me respect!"
I laughed my head off! I don't think that was the response he was going for. Where do 5 year olds come up with it?! I've never told him he has to give me respect!

Ashton made a little book of pictures that he had drawn. Since the tape and the staples were safely hidden away he had come up with another way to bind his book. GUM! He decided he wanted to take the book to school to show his teacher. I said "ok, but don't tell her how you glued it together because it's kinda gross!" He agreed.
This morning the boys told me that Ash had given his teacher the book and he didn't tell her how he glued it but while he was showing it to the whole class Bailey let EVERYONE know about the gum! They said the whole class laughed. Oh the comedy!!!