Monday, August 3, 2009

Round 2

We had our 2nd round of birthday celebrations for our boys. This time it was with the family. Just a fun get together!
Check out what our cake boss/Daddy made. I think it's pretty impressive! Everyone had blue/gray lips, mouths and teeth after eating it.

Grandma thought it would be funny to give Daisy a little bit of blue frosting. She made a BIG mess and loved every minute of it. This was a practice session for her upcoming birthday. And don't worry Grandma, all of the blue came out of her outfit!

Laurie at Guessing all the Way has awarded me with a "One Lovely Blog Award." Thank you Laurie! (I am waving and blowing kisses)

In accepting the award, you are asked to pass the award on to 15 other sites you love. I have visited so many new blogs recently, thanks to the MckLinky Blog Hop. Here are SOME of the blogs I have found and LOVED:

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Brandi said...

That is a fantastic cake!!! I've been laughing all day about you telling people your boys are 5 months apart. I think the next time someone asks me if mine are twins, I'm just going to say yes. :P Aw, thanks for the award. I am still on the road, but I'll gladly pass that along when I get home. :)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Wow!! Great job on the cake creation!

Happy Birthday to your boys!
Our 3 kiddos are all 3.5 years apart in age...but our girls get the question asked if they are twins, all the time! (Which I am sure as they get older, my oldest will happily take the compliment of being the same age as our younger daughter ;o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Family American Style. said...

I love the cake. Happy Birthday to your boy's. Thank you for the lovely blog award. That was very kind of you. Tomorrow is another post on “What would your children say?” “Wednesday” It’s going to be fun sharing all those wonderful adventures our children do and say. I hope you can join us.

Mandy said...

Thanks for the Lovely Blog Award. I will be sure to pass it on! :)
Great cake!

Mama M. said...

Thanks for the One Lovely Blog award! What an honor! Now, to pass it along, like a good blogger should!!

Mama M. said...
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{Jamie} said...

What an awesome cake! Even more impressive is that your husband made it! :) Thanks for the blog award!

blueviolet said...

The blue frosting is so funny! I love that cake!

And congrats on your award!

Jillian said...

Thanks for the award!! I will try to pass it around!! This baby is making me a bad blogger, I would rather hang out with her instead of blog! And when she goes to bed at night I have so much stuff to do blogging gets put to the side:) Thank you so much!! And I can't wait to follow your blog!!

Emily, Jerimy and River said...

Love the frosting pic!

Christie Burnett said...

Thanks so much for the lovely blog award. I am glad you are enjoying reading all about our journey.

The new blog template is looking great, well done.


Sabrina said...

That cake looks delicious! Happy Birthday guys!! I feel so honored that you enjoyed my blog! We wereout of town without good internet, but now that we're back, I will be back to blogging about our craziness! I'll be checking in with you too!!!