Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vampire Ashton

This week it is Ashton's turn to share something funny, and as luck would have it he did something quite hilarious this morning. Today is picture day and this was our conversation before school today:

Ashton: "Mom? I want to wear a shirt that has a collar."
Me: "Oh, I was going to have you wear the orange shirt."
Ashton: "No, Mom. I need to wear a shirt that has a collar, so just before they take my picture I can flip the collar up and look like a vampire."
Me: "Ok Ash."
He also had a bit of a meltdown because I wouldn't button his shirt the way he wanted. That was not so funny. I snapped a picture of the smiling vampire before he left for school.

I got a request to show these in full view. These are some of the pictures I used for decorations at Daisy's party. She was so good sitting in this chair and even kept her headband on. Cutie!

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Family American Style. said...

That smile on his face is so cute. He is so happy that is color is up. You made his day. Daisy is so precious.

Clueless_Mama said...

Your little vampire is pretty darn cute..too cute to be a vampire. Your little girl I could just eat up. Hey maybe I am a vampire too. LOL

Jen said...

He is a very cute vampire!! That was the funniest thing... have you been reading Twilight? LOL

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh Heather...your little ones are cute! (I know I've said this time and time again!)

My son (19 yrs old) would wear his polo's with his collar "popped".'s so frat-boy-ish!!...collegiate...preppy... so hmmmm... Ashton's in with the college scene :o)

Daisy looks adorable... in the second one she looks quite pleased as punch! and the 3rd... like she's asking if ya got the picture :o) She did so well keeping her bow on :o)

Blessings & aloha!

Thank you for stopping by at my beach parties :o)
Oh, yes we were very blessed to have my hubby's first assignment out of flight school to be Hawaii, especially since he is from there and he had some time to spend with his dad, before his dad passed away. How awesome that you two were able to go there together! When we were able to go for our son's Make A Wish trip in 2008...I did not want to leave! The week seemed to fly by in an instant!

The Sanders Family said...

Oh my goodness, what a cute vampire! And your little Daisy look darling in those photos! Precious!

Kim said...

Yes, very cute vampire! I also love the pics of your daughter, those are precious!

I also posted something today but got in the link a little late. Stop by if you have time.

Lindy said...

thanks for making my day with the beautiful Daisy B-day poses. she is the cutest, i need those pics for my collection, and the cute vampire is also a full on comedian! love and kisses - grandma/mom

Tammy On the Go said...

it should be illegal to have this many cute kids...way adorable!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

...I tried to send this in an email...but didnt know where to look and I could reply back t your comment to me (that pesky "noreply guy").
but just wanted to say thank you for stopping at my rooster party, grabbing my button, and also in my attempt to "stream-line" my blog reading (I gotta give my hubby time to see more of me than my profile thru our home office door!) I am going thru and putting on my sidebar the blogs I hope to stay current, cuz i can't do each & every post of every blog I follow anymore! not enough hours in a day! esp when I get a full time position...yikes!

Love your blog & your kidlets' stories & pics!
Blessings & Aloha!

Clueless_Mama said...

How did his picture day turn out? Did he decide not to do the collar thing?? I guess you will have to post once they come in. LOL