Monday, August 24, 2009

The Party and a Blog Hop

Whew! The party is complete! We had a great day celebrating my littlest cutie. All the party plans went smoothly and most of all Daisy had fun. It took me two days to go through all the photos I took and narrow it down to just these. Hold on! There are lots!!

These were a few of the decorations and party favors for the grandparents.

While daydreaming about Daisy's Birthday, I imagined a 3 tiered, cake boss-ish type cake. A quick $100 slap in the face woke me right up. Donn volunteered to be the cake boss, but he had soccer camps on Friday night and Saturday morning and not enough time for cake building! I found these little beauties at Walmart! I think they are perfect with the little daisies and much better for the wallet at $6/each!!

Here is a close-up of one of the cakes. Isn't it cute!

I made the birthday banner. I found someone selling them on etsy for $30 and realized I could recreate it using my Cricut. Very pleased with the results and the savings.

And finally the Birthday Girl! She knew exactly what to do with the wrapping paper and when no one was looking helped herself to her presents.

Ok. I got the little party hat months ago and was hoping to get some to-die-for pictures of Daisy wearing it. I thought with the cake eating distraction she would keep the hat on her head. Wrongo Mommy!! She ripped it right off her head and slammed it in to the cake. That'll teach me! I made this banner too. I wanted to hang it from her highchair but we didn't want it to get covered in cake or kicked by little toesies. Can you see how we hung the banner? Thanks for putting up with me, Teak and Rory!

She was a little timid at first, but then Daddy showed her how to smash her hands in to the cake and grab big handfuls of sugar.

She has a cake goatee.

Daddy gave her the traditional bath-in-the-kitchen-sink to clean her up. She is saying "Get me out of her Mommy!" And then I think she had a little reaction to the frosting cuz this is what her face looked like after her bath. A red rash goatee. It only lasted a little while.

One of Daisy's gifts was a stroller/walker. We thought it might be a good idea to get her something to help her practice walking. Well, she started doing this the same day:

Happy Birthday My Baby!

Also - it is Blog Hop Tuesday. Today's theme is "Time To Laugh." Check out this post. Hopefully it is as funny for people who aren't related to my kids!

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Ave said...

The cakes look so delicious and beautiful!

I love the pictures where she is eating the cake :D

Bridgette said...


{Jamie} said...

Happy Birthday Daisy! Those cakes are too cute! I'm in the process of deciding all that stuff now! Only 2 more months and that will be here before we know it!

Brandi said...

How special for her to walk on her birthday!!! OMG ~ LOVE the banners you made. Absolutely fantastic!!! Cute, cute, cute cake photos ~ started my day off with a smile! :)

Family American Style. said...

Happy Birthday Daisy! This is a friendly reminder about tomorrow, it’s “What would your children say?” Wednesday. It would be wonderful to hear the silly and funny things your children say and do. I hope you will participate in the linky party.

Lindy said...

thanks for the memories...darling Daisy continues to be darling! i was hoping you would post a big picture of the perfect pose in the chair. love mom/grandma

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Happy Birthday!

The party decorations were wonderful! Great job!
And leave it to her Daddy to show Daisy how to get into her cake haha

It's good to know that the rash reaction went away fairly quickly!

Blessings & aloha!

I hope you get a chance to come to my Beach Party tomorrow! If you do, please leave a comment :o)

Angie Vik said...

I'm so impressed you have it together enough to celebrate your youngest baby's first birthday properly. I stopped having first birthday parties after my second. All that work and the kid doesn't even really know what's going on and won't remember it and mainly likes the wrapping paper best. The birthday pictures of Daisy are so cute. I also enjoyed the video of her walking. I love when babies first learn to walk when they're so wobbly and tip over easily.