Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Acation Day 2

Before I start the next installment of "Our Acation" I just wanted to let you know that as I'm typing this, EVERYONE in my house is asleep. I am sitting on the couch eating chips and fresh salsa, hershey chocolate and pepcid while watching Dancing In the Stars. Ahhhhhhh!

OK, day 2 started early with a quick breakfast at the condo and then on the road to visit the San Deigo Zoo. Major bonus: kids get in to the zoo for free in October. Yay!

It has been quite a while since we went to the zoo so I thought the kids would be really interested in the animals. However most of the time we were there all the kids could think of was riding in the double decker bus and going to the beach. They did enjoy checking out all the cool animals and we even got to watch an elephant get her feet washed.

Ashton felt ok in the morning but his fever came back before I could give him more  medicine. He tried so hard to enjoy himself but he felt like crap and we had to push him around the zoo in the stroller. Poor boy!

We left the zoo about 1pm and I was able to give Ashton some meds. We headed downtown for lunch at Zanzibar. The kids got to have pancakes and Ashton ate every bite and seemed to be feeling better. After lunch we stopped at the Carlsbad Outlet Mall for a little shopping and then back to the condo and stir-fry for dinner.

Don't miss tomorrows episode to find out how Ashton is feeling and if anyone else in the family gets sick! (I feel like a weather-guesser trying to sucker you in to sticking around for the forcast).


SarahMerritt said...

Wow I hope not EVERYONE gets sick that would not be a fun vacation!

Lindy said...

it looks like they had fun at the zoo even if they were dreaming of the beach.what did miss daisy think of the BIG animals? later - mom/grandma

Brandi said...

We ♥ the zoo. My kiddos have never been to a big zoo like that. Fun! Well, I'm thinking at least you escaped the sick? You're eating chips, salsa, chocolate... and pepcid? You may be sick after all that! ;)

Jules said...

I love the all alone eating chips and salsa part.

Hope he is feeling better and no one else gets sick. Makes for a miserable vacation.

Kim said...

I am with Jules, I liked the alone part with the food and the pepcid :).

Way to luck out with the kids get in free at the zoo. I have been to most of the 50 states but never California, your trip makes me want to go.