Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thank You Very Much!

The Daily Dribbles

Kmama at The Daily Dribbles is hosting the very theraputic/sarcastic Thank You Very Much blog carnival. At first, I didn't think I could come with anyone to thank, but once I got started I just  couldn't stop!

To condo owners. Thank you very much for placing unflattering mirrors in your condo. And Thank You Very Much for hanging them on every empty wall and closet door you could find! I am used to seeing myself in our mirrors at home and usually only with a "front" view. I do not appreciate seeing EVERY angle of myself EVERY time I turn around!

To Lily, for picking out a darling outfit at the store, begging us to buy it, and loving it when you tried it on again at home. And then, on the day you wear it to school, for deciding that now you hated the outfit because you thought it made you look ugly and you didn't like the way the collar felt. Thank you very much for crying and screaming like I had forced you to buy the outfit and then forced you to wear it to school! Please please please don't harrass me about the clothes YOU pick out! And, fyi, by the time she got home from school she loved the outfit again and wasn't bothered by the collar AT ALL!

To Daisy, thank you very much for waking up at midnight (twice this week) and thinking it was time to play! Although you are very cute and fun to play with, when I'm just laying down to sleep, I really don't want to work so hard to get YOU back to sleep. And an added thank you very much to DaddyO for getting 11 hours of sleep last night!

To my cute boys. Thank you very much for waiting until after the tball game started to let me know you needed to go to the bathroom. Ashton came running off the field and made it to the bathroom in time, but Bailey was not so lucky. I saw him on 2nd base dancing and skipping around while holding on to himself. I knew he was in trouble and hoped he'd be able to make it to home in time. As I watched him on 3rd base the dark spot in the crotch of his pants grew bigger. By the time he made it back he was soggy! This was only the 2nd inning! I took him in to the bathroom and tried to use gobs of T.P. to dry up his pants. I told both of you to use the bathroom before we left the house. You should probably both thank yourselves very much!

To the family at tball with 4 boys and another baby on the way. Thank you for having young boys scattered in every direction of the ball park. Thank you for making ME worry about them falling off railings, falling out of trees or being kidnapped while you take photos of your son who is not so excited to be playing tball. Thank you for signing up "said boy" for tball when clearly he just wants to run around in circles and touch each white diamond on his way or he just wants to sit in the outfield throwing his mitt in the air trying to catch flies. Oh, and when your current youngest son threw dirt at my baby's face, Thank You Very Much for saying "no no honey." Like he had just done something cute. Really! Thank You Very Much!

And a serious Thank You Very Much to Kmama for hosting this therapy session!


Kmama said...

Yay! I'm so glad you particpated!! You certainly did have a lot of Thank You's to shout out, didn't you? ;-)

And on the outfit that the child once loved and then hated. Yes, we've done that many times. Mostly it's shoes. They fit "great" and look awesome in the store, but Buddy "hates" them when they get home. It must be something about the box they come in. Grr.

Thanks for linking up!!

Lindy said...

oh no! sounds like i really missed a fun time at tball last night. sorry... i mite have taken the flamethrowers i keep in my purse to that mom that let her kid throw dirt at Daisy. grrrrrr is right!
xoxoxo to all - mom/grandma

{Kimber} said...

hahaahaaaa....these are great!

blueviolet said...

There's really a lot going on on the tee ball fields these days! I had no idea!

Kim said...

That is great, I am sure very theraputic! I have to agree with the outfit thing, the husband thing and the pee thing, lol!

Hope you have a fun weekend!

Foursons said...

What? You don't like standing in a 360 degree mirror? I thought everyone did! I'm so totally kidding- that would drive slowly insane.

Poor Lily- she's full of girl angst isn't she.

Daisy needs to learn to wake up DaddyO when she's ready to play because I think 11 hours of sleep could very well kill him! (And not by natural means either.)

Hahahaha to dancing on 2nd and rounding 3rd to show up at home like you've been rained on. Too funny!

And I really get upset when parents do NOT parent their children. If a child of one of those parents bothers my kid I will totally say something to them.

LucieP said...

ooh this is fun! I haven't seen it before....I am gonna play along too!

Brandi said...

Whew, girl! That was hilarious! Oh, I would not like a back view of myself everywhere I looked! LOL!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh I hate it when I buy my girls outfits and then they won't wear them after the first time. GRRR. Big fat waste of money. I would have been mad about that little boy throwing dirt too. How rude. I am now following along on your blog. It is so CUTE!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

haha!!! What a great idea! Thank you Therapy :o)

Ah! Once again....i am behind in blog reading!
...happy to get a chance to catch up on some blog reading, although, I really need a better system! haha

Blessings & Aloha!
I have an award (aka bloghug) for you at my place. I do appreciate you, dear friend, and thank you for coming by and for all your past comments!