Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Boys

Lily has been dominating Wednesdays for the last couple of weeks so I thought we should get the boys in on the comedy action!

The boys were getting ready for school. Ashton was trying to talk Bailey in to wearing matching underwear.

Ash said "Bay! If you wear these, we will be twins!"

I was sitting at the computer. Bailey ran by me and I thought I smelled something stinky.

I asked "Bailey? Do you have a stinky diaper?"

He replied "No! That's Ashton's breath!"

He really did have a bad diaper.

Go visit Marianne at Family American Style for more hilarious hooligans!


Foursons said...

Hahahhahaha- Boys and their potty humor starts so early! And they almost do look like twins! So handsome- both of them!

Ave said...

LOL @ "Bay! If you wear these, we will be twins!"

They are so cute!

Family American Style. said...

They are so cute. Love the T-shirts.

Jules said...

So cute.... love the stinky breath comment!

Kelly said...

haha, so cute! I love these!

Jennifer Haas said...

That is so funny!! I do something similar on Thuesday's, called "Things Kids Say". You should check it out!!!

Also, thanks for visiting my site, and for following. I am following yours now too!

{Jamie} said...

How cute are they! I love some of the things that come out of my kids mouths but especially Nick's! Boys are too funny!

{Kimber} said...

how funny!! they are cuties!
how did I NOT know you had a Bailey?? a boy Bailey but still...we both have Bailey's :)
great minds think alike!

LAURA said...

hahahahaaaaaaa! Blaming it on bad breath! That's fantastic! Whenever I used to ask my daughter if she was stinky she would say "No it's Jason." It was usually her. :)

Angimom said...

ROTFLMAO!! That's too Funny! Especially the "Ashton's breath" excuse! OMGOSH
We're trying to plan a trip to Phoenix in January - Hope it works out!
Miss you guys-

blueviolet said...

He totally threw Ashton under the bus with that lie!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

haha!!! You have an endless supply of cuteness and hilarious conversations with your little ones!!!

Blessings & Aloha!

Thank you as always for your sweet comments at my place! I love to find them :o)