Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warning!! Warning!! Daisy Overload!

Well, Daisy isn't talking too much but she had a very busy day yesterday filled with comical situations!

First of all, she let me get 6 consecutive hours of sleep. The first time since her birth!

After her excellent night of sleep, she took a 2 1/2 hour nap.

Daisy and I were in my bathroom and she was combing her hair with two of my combs. I stepped in to the closet to put something in the laundry basket and when I came out (5 seconds max) she was stirring the toilet water with my combs.

While I was changing her messy diaper, she reached down and grabbed the diaper. I was positive that something had fallen out of the diaper but I couldn't see anything. After washing our hands, we came back in to her room and I noticed a big chunk of poo on the front of her dresser.

At dinner, Miss Daisy flung spaghetti noodles to EVERY corner of the kitchen!

She sat in the rocking chair or at least in front of the pink blanket and let me take 35 pictures of her! I was planning on getting one shot really quick before she flipped out of the chair!

Progression around the rocking chair.

And the best part.........................


I am still in shock! I had to display the evidence. It's kind of like pinching myself!

Is "X-Large" photo size a new Blogger option or have I just not been paying attention?

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He & Me + 3 said...

Cute cute cute pictures. good for her sleeping so good.

SarahMerritt said...

so so so so CUTE! I am glad she kept the headband on it is so perfect with her big blue eyes! *what kind of camera do you use? and do you use the flash or natural light?

Jules said...

Wow, she had a busy day. Her eyes are soooooo blue. Beautiful.

I didn't know they had an xlarge option. Going to go check it out.

Brandi said...

Miss Daisy is a mess! LOL! What a day! At least you got some great pics out of the deal! ;)

Family American Style. said...

Your day was full of adventure. Glad you got some sleep.

Ave said...

Wow, you have taken some really great photos. Love her blue eyes.
And what a great idea to use pink blanket as a background!

Lindy said...

i don't think there is such a thing as daisy overload. too cute! how long did she sleep this morning after all the other good sleeps? they say "sleep = more sleep" hope so. love grandma/mom

Foursons said...

And this is EXACTLY why I am done having children! The little buggers are so darn cute and you can't help but love them, but gosh darn it- they are so much work!

Love the photos though- AWESOME!

Angie Vik said...

I'm impressed she sat still long enough for you to take so many cute pictures. Looks like she was in a good mood and enjoying herself.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh! I was just thinking the whole time... gee - she's a really great and cooperative little photo subject! Sitting there making all those cute expressions and leaving her hair all dolled up and looking right at the camera...

I figured she had to be the latest realistic looking doll... something like "Baby Take A Pic" :)

Just A-Dorable!

Kari @ p.s. said...

That's awesome that she let you take that many AND kept her band in :o) I'd buy a new comb....who knows how many times it's been in the toilet - haha!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

so sweet!!!!!

and yes, I noticed the new X-large option too :o)

Blessings & Aloha!