Monday, March 23, 2009


Look who can sit up all by herself! Such a big girl. She still tips backwards sometimes so we usually put someone or something behind her to catch her fall.

Donn took a day off work last week and took the kids (and my dad) to a spring training baseball game. They had so much fun! They saw a Diamondback/A's game. The boys both got their mits signed and they heckled someone until he gave them a signed ball. I have no idea who the players were! Sorry, not in to baseball!

The boys just started t-ball. They are both having fun trying out a different sport.
Recent comedy:
Bailey has started telling everyone that he is allergic to cats. He's never been around cats. Donn and my Dad have talked about being allergic to cats so maybe he is trying to be like them. Then this morning while I was changing Daisy's messy diaper Ashton said he was allergic to poopy diapers. He'll have to remember that some day!

The boys have started to like playing Go-Fish. I was playing with Ashton the other day and I thought he was telling me to "Go'ed Fish" but then I realized he was saying "GoldFish!"
Last night Ashton kept coming to me and letting me know when Lily and Bailey were misbehaving. I was seeing him about EVERY minute! I said "Ash, you don't have to tattle about every little thing they are doing wrong!" and he said "Mo-om! That my job!!!"

Yesterday we were treated to a dance program by Lily. She even gave us tickets to get in to her room. It was a beautiful performance and she danced to the Nutcracker!
Doesn't she look like a Sugarplum Fairy?

One of the kids' games to keep them occupied during Spring Break: RESTAURANT
They set up tables all over the upstairs. They used pillows as tables and big trucks as chairs.
This was the only real set-up they had. Ashton's restaurant only served soup and water. And I think Bailey was letting him know that it was a little overpriced!

Miss Daisy with her feet up, enjoying a book! and look, I need to put an outlet cover in that outlet!!

Look who, willingly, eats baby food now! I think she's figured it out and she even enjoys her green beans!


lindylu0831 said...

again, another entertaining look at the cutest kids on the planet! and how their cute MOM tells the best stories. this has made my monday. thanks
see you soon - mom

Emily, Jerimy and River said...

You have such cute stories!