Thursday, May 28, 2009

Everyone but Lily

Daisy tried her first piece of watermelon the other day! I think she loved it!!
I know there were more than enough pics of the slide in my last post but I got another shot of Bailey flying!

Hello! Miss Daisy is 9 months old! I killed two birds with one stone and took her 9 month shots in one of Lily's darling outfits.

First thing sweet little Daisy did when I put this dress on her was rip some of the flowers off the front. I had to safety pin them back on! She refused to keep the hat on and she thought it was HILARIOUS when I would say "No no no, keep it on!" and I would try to move her hand away. That just made it more impossible to keep it on!

This is the boys and their class at their Kindergarten Graduation Program. That is their teacher Mrs. Velazquez. They have had a really great year and they've learned SO much. Sure am proud of my boys! Today is the Graduation Ceremony! Wow, I can't believe they're first graders! Just yesterday they looked like this:

**I am planning a post for Lily Only!**


Lindy said...

aaaawesome!darling! and the amazing flying Bailey. give 'em all a kiss from grandma. love - mom

Jottings By Jess said...

AW! I love the watermelon pics! Cute!