Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello December!

When Lily was in 1st grade she started giving me a hard time about what clothes she would/wouldn't wear. She refused to wear anything with a bothersome tag, anything that felt a little funny and absolutely NO JEANS! If I made her wear something she didn't like, they would come home from school with mysterious holes in them. She didn't like it when I would patch the holes! hee hee hee! I bought every color of pants that had a soft elastic waist and no "riding up" in the crotch. Then, about a month ago we were all out shopping and Donn spotted some really cute jeans and top and he talked Lily in to trying them on. After about a minute, she came skipping out of the fitting room announcing that she loved jeans! Donn will be doing all of her clothes shopping from now on!! It still took a little harassing to get her to wear the outfit to school but now that she's gotten used to the jeans she loves them and even has more than one pair. She said to me the other day "You should tell everyone on your blog that I love jeans now!" hallelujah

Ashton loves to take baths, especially when Daisy or his green army men get to join him! **edited** 12/12 Tonight Ashton had stallion dressing on his shtrimp and pea pad linguine. I don't know where this silly boys comes up with these words? He makes me laugh a lot!

Daisy's two new favorite things: Her thumb and her jumper swing.

Bailey came in to our room the other day and said "I wrote a song for you." He wrote a new song today so I could make a movie of it. He told me the other day that he was addicted to spongebob. We had been talking about cigarettes and how you can get addicted to them. He also had a conversation with Unkie Rory about addiction and cigarettes. tee hee!