Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh Ashton!

This morning Daisy and I were sleeping in (8am) and Ashton came in to see us. He said "Mom, you can sleep all day because Daddy already made us breakfast!"
He was holding something in his hand and I could tell that it was covered in tape. I usually hide the tape, but I had some out to wrap presents with and he grabbed it! I was a little angry. I said "If you guys don't stop getting stuff out of the scrapbook room, you are going to get in big trouble!"
He said "It's the Polar Express!"
They had watched the movie at school the other day. I smacked myself in the forehead and realized what a creative and smart thing he had done. He had taken an empty diaper box and cut out train cars and then used paper to make the wheels. What is a little tape compared to an art project? Especially instead of watching tv! Man he's cute! He also combed his own hair today!