Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Our downstairs bathroom has naked pictures of Lily, Ashton and Bailey. There has been an empty frame hanging since we found out I was pregnant with Daisy (12/07). I've tried twice to take pictures of her and I just wasn't getting the shot I wanted. She was covering her face or not being modest enough, etc. Well the Third Times the charm for Daisy's naked photo shoot! Now I have too many perfect shots and I can't decide which one to pick. Please help! If you can, please let me know which one of these you like best. Thanx!
1. super cute, but the flower is covering up her foot and hand. 2. this one is kinda different but it doesn't show much of her face
3. love. and she is holding the flower with her feet
4. cute face but can't really see flower
5. This one is so cute, but you'll have to tell me if you can see why I'm a little apprehensive about this one. hint: what it looks like is not what it really is, she has lots of extra crevices!
**Picture Removed** so Daisy doesn't divorce me when she grows up!

These are the pictures of the other kids so you can see how they all compare.


Bon said...

They are all so cute. I like #1 the best. Wow those pics of all your kids are priceless. I hope you have copies of them in a fireproof box.
Thanks Heather for sharing your family with us .
Grauntie Bonnie

lindylu0831 said...

i need copies of all of them, one in the "kiddy room" format and the rest 4x6. my vote for the one to go in your bathroom is #1. ohhhhh i love these kids!
forever - mom/grandma

Angi said...

They are darling! I think my vote is #1 but I can see why you're having such a hard time choosing.
I love following your blog!
Grauntie Angi

BreAnne said...

I think my favorite is number 3. I love your blog, it is the only way for me to stay connected to my family in AZ.
I love & miss you all,
Unkie B