Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr. Bailey Boy

Here are a few of the things that Bailey's been up to lately:One night when he was supposed to be sleeping, Bailey decided he wanted to read this book. The lights were off in his room, so he was reading by the light from the hall. He kept coming out of his room and asking what some of the words were. I would tell him the word and send him back to bed. After about 5 visits, I finally said "let's just read the whole book." He read most of the book by himself with only a little help from me. Now he reads the book almost every day and can read the entire book by himself. I don't know if you can tell but the book is a Level 2 Reader. Ambitious boy! Bailey just lost his first tooth. He's been wiggling it for about a month. Man, it grosses me out! I think it may have grossed him out too, or he swallowed a bit of blood, cuz he got a little woozie and had to lay down!

**This is a re-enactment of an actual event**
In case you couldn't hear him, he said that this is the Leprechaun Dance and that he learned it from his Daddy!
Lily has been begging me to have a little contest on the blog. She wants me to give $5 to whoever can guess her question correctly, but I think we will just go with letting the smartie who gets it right first SAY they are a winner!! Here is the question:
How many little kids do Heather and Donn have?
Put your thinking caps on and let us know if you can figure it out!


Lindy said...

i know this is a trick question but i will just go with the obvious and say "4" - mom

Emily, Jerimy and River said...

He is such a big boy and so darling! and I can take by the sounds of your story that Lily is becoming a lovely young lady...not a little girl anymore!

Connor said...
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Angimom said...

4 Little Oswald Cuties!
And Bailey is Darling and VERY Smart and Coordinated! (Nice choreography Donn!)
Sorry, I first left my comment on Connor's account so I deleted it...oops

BreAnne said...

There are 4 total Oswald cuties, but as far as little, I would say 1. Thanks to Lily for getting me to check out the blog today.
Love & miss you all
Unkie B & Uncle Bob