Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Lindy!

This one's for you!!!

We all hope you have a wonderful Birth Season!!! We LOVE You!!!!! I'm sure you couldn't hear it but Bailey said "Happy Birthday Young Lady!"

Also, someone has been instructing my boys in all the latest dance techniques. I guess I need to do a little investigating to figure out who! I was sweeping the kitchen the other day and Ashton came in and said "Hey Mom, this is the sprinkler!" There is nothing like a little entertainment and a good laugh when you're doin chores! Do you all know these hip dance moves?


Bon said...

Lindy will love this. She has some pretty darn cute grandkids.

Lindy said...

yes she does! thanks for the perfect b-day song. and i lvoe the "sprinkler" i will have to have ashton teach me some of his awesome moves. thanks again and much love - mom/grandma

Grace said...

(This is from Angi, even though it says Grace)
One of the guys in "Wild Hogs" does "the sprinkler" but it's a little different. I like the sound effects too!