Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TST - Like Mother Like Daughter

Miss Daisy is a constant source of entertainment! But, I think, this story will be one for our scrapbooks!
The other day, we were on our way to pick up Lily from school. Daisy was snacking on some Lucky Charms in the back seat. I stopped to get the mail and hopped out of the car for a second. When I got back in, Daisy started crying. I turned around to check her out and she had her entire finger shoved up her nose.
I asked her, "What's in your nose?!"
She wailed, "CEREAL!!!"
I pulled the car over and wondered how this incident was going to end.
Luckily, Daisy is VERY good at blowing her nose.
I pushed the empty nostril closed and told her to blow her nose.
After 3 good blows, a decent sized piece of Lucky Charms flew out of Daisy's nose.
Crisis averted!

My Mother thinks this story is Hi-larious.
Because, you see, when I was about Daisy's age...........
...I experienced a similar episode.
Only, instead of cereal, mine involved a flouride pill.
I can remember my Mom handing me the pill. I also remember hiding behind the couch and "trying something new" with my pill.
I must have looked guilty when I came out of my hiding spot.
My Mom asked me where the pill was and I shoved my finger up my nose to show her.
I was not able to blow it out of my nose. I had to have a visit with the Dr, who tried to use metal instruments to remove the flouride pill. WITHOUT SUCCESS!

I'm sorry, Dais, that we get to share this quirk! ;)

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kneesandpaws said...

Thank goodness Daisy was ok! And that story of you and the pill in your nose is hilarious! My daughter once shoved a sharp plastic bead up her nose. We flushed it out with saline solution. She also did this with play dough. Again, saline solution worked. I'm glad you were able to avoid a crisis. Sometimes being a mom requires a cool head and nerves of steel.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Thankful Daisy was okay!

Mallory, at about 3, was having her hair washed one night and hollered "Be careful you don't hurt the rocks!"

"What rocks, Mallory?

"The ones in my head!" (Ahem!) She had stuffed 3 good sized pebbles down her ear canal. Thankfully the ER doctor was able to retrieve them!

Tiffany said...

Oh man! That is one thing my kids have never done. Now, watch. I say that and they will. Sigh. Do you realize how alike you & Daisy look? Adorable!

Michelle Pixie said...

At least you are in good company! Hee Hee

This is one of my biggest fears and knock on wood it hasn't happened. I am sure I would go into a full blown panic!

Kmama said...

So funny that you've both done it. Buddy once put a kernel of corn in his nose and we didn't notice it for a couple of days...when he sneezed.

Shana said...

Wow. I am glad she is ok. Luckily the only thing Blaze puts in his nose is his finger. sigh. He is all boy. At least he doesn't eat his boogers...yet.

Mrs Montoya said...

We haven't had an episode like that (knock on wood!!!) I'm so glad she's OK and it didn't require any metal instruments. That's a tough lesson to learn :) OUCH!

Rachel said...

Stinkin' hilarious! And how cute are you as a kiddo?!

I'm guessing those will now be known as YUCKY Charms in your household???

My sis did that with a teeny tiny shell - and had to have it removed by the doc... I am just waiting for Itty Bit to try something.

Thanks for linking up - glad it had a happy ending!

Emmy said...

Wait so what happened if the Dr couldn't get it out? My sister stuck a bead up her nose and the Dr got it out with the "bead picker".

Cute dress ;)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That is too funny! I'm glad she was able to blow it out!

Lindy said...

Message from heather's mom...the fluoride pill wasn't the only thing she use to put up her nose. The dr said the fluoride pill would just have to melt in there. Those were the days! Beautiful little three year old heather though.

Jodee said...

Oh my word! That is sooo funny! Cute pictures too!

Angie Vik said...

A great story to include in your family legends. My oldest once put a piece of apple up her nose, which was difficult to extract because it kept breaking apart when we tried pulling the gross thing out.

Shell in your Pocket said...

Glad she was okay:)

sandy toe

Lourie said...

My kids have never done this. Thank heaven. What a terrible memory for you. I am glad she is okay and was able to blow it out.

Brandi said...

Bubba put a Skittle up his nose when he was about 3. None of the others have tried anything like that. Whew! LOL.

So, did I miss the story about Lily's foot? I've been waiting patiently... ;)

Emily, Jerimy and River said...

Your mom told me about Daisy's incident. So glad it came out!

Angimom said...

As I recall that's not the only thing you used to put up your nose! Like how about the orange, fuzzies snow storm at Sweetwater. Hilarious!!