Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten Things to Smile About - November

It has been another very smiley month! See!

1. After eating every bite of his dinner, Ashton asked if he could still come over for dinner when he is a grown-up.

2. Daisy likes to sit on my lap, while sucking her thumb and holding on to my hair, and watch FoodNetwork shows with me.

3. Lily is taking a cooking class at school and she made us rice krispie treats all by herself.

4. Bailey has PERFECT grades this quarter, perfect attendance and he made his AR Reading Goal with very little help from me!

5. Fun, Family and Food for a Fabulous Thanksgiving!!

6. Yearly tradition of cleaning out the pantry. Taking EVERYTHING out, scrubbing the shelves and floor, getting rid of outdated food and putting everything back nicely organized. We actually have skipped this tradition since we started it about 4 years ago and DaddyO re-organized the shelves a few months ago so all we really had to do was get everything off the floor and mop. LOL

7. Christmas Music! Christmas Movies! (please note that these came after Thanksgiving) ;)

8. Decorating the tree!

9. I am almost done Christmas Shopping! Now I can just sit back and enjoy the season. Hahahahahaha!

10. I am giving away a 'Merry Christmas' banner! If you haven't been visiting Shana's Holiday Gift Guide, there is still time to enter a few of the giveaways, including mine. Run to Blaze'n'Chrochet!

What made you smile in November? Visit Emmy and let us know!


Jodee Leader said...

What a great list! I am soooo jealous you are almost done Christmas shopping! I got a jump start on Black Friday but I am not done!

I got my button to work! Check it out! Thanks again!

SarahMerritt said...

LOVE the new layout! so cute! Sounds like November has been a good month. I love that Ashton still wants to come eat dinner when he is grown up! I would totaly love to go to my mama's house for dinner every night if I could!

Kmama said...

Lots of great things to smile about. LOL at skipping your pantry cleaning tradition. I wish I had a pantry large enough to need to be mopped!!

Brandi said...

Girl, I stalk you I PROMISE. How in the hell do I keep missing stuff? Etsy Store? Making banners? *slaps head* SOOOOOO CUTE! I just entered the giveaway. I. MUST. WIN.

Um, can it be called a 'tradition' if you've skipped it for 4 years? BAHAHAHAHA! I guess you get the last laugh though... finished with your Christmas shopping? pshhhhhht I haven't even started!!! :)

Shana said...

I have been waiting since October to play Christmas music and movies lol. I love your "tradition" haha. Umm, wanna do the tradition here too? No? Oh well. Love the new look too.

Michelle Pixie said...

I got my pantry mopped too! YIPEE! Actually I bought myself a new sanitizing steamer for my birthday and it worked perfectly...my husband has been cleaning everything! LOL

I must admit though the Christmas music and movies have been playing in my house since the end of October. I love them! ;-)

Michelle Pixie said...

Okay I just saw how talented you are with the banner! I need to talk to you about doing one for Monkey's second birthday since we are throwing her a huge bash! :)

Emily said...

How fun that you have a budding cook on your hands...you might have your own personal chef before you know it! ;)

the Spocks said...

You must be so proud of your kids! That is a great list.


Emmy said...

If my kids ate every bite of dinner than asked that, the answer would be heck yes! That is too cute.

Your first few made me hungry :)

Thanks so much for linking up

Emmy said...

Oh and cute new look!

Mighty M said...

Great list - I love #1!! I am pretty much done with my shopping too - but I still need to go through everything and get it organized and wrap so it doesn't end up being a last minute ordeal! :)

BananasAreGross said...

i love your blog! and your christmas banners, this is a great list!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I love these posts! All wonderful things to smile about!

Tiffany said...

I will admit - this is the first year in a while that I am really excited to hear Christmas music.

And you are already done shopping? Sheesh, super woman!

Mrs Montoya said...

Success with AR sans help is no small feat. Congratulations!!

I love the list and all of your kiddos good things going on. I especially love the question about whether or not he can come over for dinner as a grown up : )

Great list and darling holiday look!

Rachel said...

I think Ashton is a smart cookie and should *always* come over for dinner! :) And you stinker... you took down the photographic evidence of Daisy, hee hee! I was just headed over to comment on it!

Lourie said...

Newest follower! Your ten things is an awesome list! Grats to Bailey for reaching his reading goal! So awesome.