Thursday, November 4, 2010

TYVM - The End

Brought to you, for the last time, by Kmama

Today is a very sad day for me! It is the last regularly scheduled and linkied Thank You Very Much! I will miss my weekly FREE therapy!

In honor of TYVM, and because I have a blaring headache, I am going to relive some of my best TYVM moments from the past year. I'm going to make you relive them too! Bwahahahahaha

To my eyebrow for requiring wax and painful strips for me to be seen in public. And once I have separated you, leaving me with an attractive rash/acne in the area where you used to reside. You are making it impossible for me to leave the house, Thank You Very Much!   3-11-10

To the person at our house who was responsible for giving Daisy a bath the other night. Thank you very much for keeping an eye on her from the other room where I know you could see her but couldn't get there fast enough to stop her from pulling my towels in to the tub with her. Then after realizing she was probably done playing in the tub, washing her hair before you got her out of the tub. I'm sure it was shocking when after the third cup of water to rinse the shampoo you noticed an odd object floating in the tub. Yes indeed, Daisy had pooped in the tub. So, now my towels, EVERY bathtub toy, the tub and Daisy needs to be disinfected Thank You Very Much! Who could this unnamed person be? I'll give you one guess!  3-18-10

To the lady at the baseball game who shared her crack with us the entire game, Thank You Very Much. EVERY time she would lean forward to get her drink, her 'way too low rider' pants would sink further down and reveal way too much of her very unattractive g-string! We're here for some baseball, not a peep show, Thank You Very Much. Get some pants that fit your fat bumper!  4-29-10

To HeatherOz, for trying to walk through a door while holding two babies without turning sideways! Yep! Poor Daisy got a small surprise when her little head bumped(not hard) the door frame. Screw your head on tight HO(my initials), Thank You Very Much!  5-6-10

To Kmama for publishing a post about adult acne problems. Thank You Very Much! Your blog is contagious! After reliving my lifelong acne troubles and proceeding to have an anxiety attack remembering high school, I now have a huge, blind zit on my neck! It is very painful AND very unattractive. Maybe if I didn't have so many wrinkles, people would just think I was a pimply teenager! Ha Ha Ha! I ♥ ya Kmama! Just letting you know you are not alone!  5-20-10

To the nasty bug, that I thanked last week for making Daisy sick, Thank You Very Much for making Ashton, Bailey AND me sick! I told you NOT to come near us! You've turned us in to a Chorus of Coughers that can repel people wherever we go!
Go Away!  6-17-10

To DaddyO and Lily, Thank You Very Much for wrestling and bouncing around on the bed while I am trying to type this post! Don't you guys know that blogging comes before bonding?
I kid, I kid! Bounce Away!  6-24-10

To DaddyO, Thank You Very Much for smacking me in the head with a magazine while trying to kill a fly. And saying "You have to hit them hard or they don't die" How about you wait til the fly lands somewhere other than MY HEAD!!!  9-15-10

You can see why I need therapy, right? Today is your last chance to link up with Kmama and Thank You Very Much!


Shana said...

I remember these!! Great moments. How is your shop coming?? Write to me and let me know!

Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

Funny! I like to go through from time to time and look at my facebook statuses. It's funny to see what was on your mind at different points in the year.

Jules said...

I can't stand it when you get an unwanted peep show....yuck.

Java said...

HI Heather!!

I was told to come over here and find you! I am the one who has the Meet Me On Monday Blog Hop! That is my meme and I would love for you to join us! I post the new linky on Sunday nights so I hope to see you there!!

I'm a new follower!

See you then!

Jodee Leader said...

I remember most of these! The unwanted "crack" is a hoot!

Kmama said...

I love that you recapped your favorites for us. For me, the magazine/fly incident is my favorite. That's pretty bad huh? My favorite is when your hubby smacked you with a magazine. LOL

Thanks so much for linking up and for being such a great participant this past year!

the Spocks said...

Not watching when your kid was in the tub ugh! I am glad you recapped your faves!
Have a great weekend!

Emmy said...

Yes I will miss linking up with her too. I was so happy that I remembered a lot of these, guess we have been friends for a while now :)

Rachel said...

Those are hilarious the second time around too! I loved that last one - because it totally sounds like something my husband would do too!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Those are great!
I'm going to miss reading these posts. :)
By the way, I gave you an award on my blog!

Emily, Jerimy and River said...

Dude, your blog makes me laugh. Thanks for the chuckles this morning!

Kari said...

Your life makes me smile. And laugh uncontrollably! The bath one got me good! Sad to see this go. I did it a few times, but I really liked it and liked reading everyone's links to it!