Thursday, July 7, 2011

Business and Birthdays and Pictures. OH MY!

Hello My Lovlies!

1st, I need to take care of a little business. I need to let Angi at Messy Cars and Muddy Shoes and Jenny at Knees and Paws know that I have been trying to leave comments on your blogs for about 2 weeks. When I try to comment, it makes me log-in to Google but even after I put in my login and password it still says I'm "Anonymous" and won't let me leave a comment. Sorry! I'll keep trying!

2nd, I would like to wish my wonderful Mother a
A massive photo-book from The Best Vacation Ever will be on its way,someday, to celebrate your BirthSeason. We Love You!!!

And now, on to more of our adventures in Salt Lake.

An outing to the park.

First, a ride on the swings.

 Bailey was smiling when the ride started but his face
got a little more concerned as the swings got higher!

 Then we headed over to the play structures. Do you see Bailey and Daisy getting ready to go down the slide? Do you see the boy right behind them with something in his hand?
 I guided my children away from the water feature so they WOULD NOT get wet and these comedians decided it would be a good idea to unload their ginormous water guns inside the slide. We vacated this area immediately, and moved on to....

rolling down the hill....
 ....and feeding the ducks.
 And now, here is some shocking news.

When we got home, the kids went
right outside to play at Great Grandma's.

Climbing more trees.

They didn't let the fact that this swing no
longer had a seat stop them from swinging!

I threatened to make them go inside if
they didn't let me take their pictures! j/k ;)

The daily Tot Torture. Making Daisy sit for pictures. It is a very good record of all of her cute outfits though.

Ok Daisy, give me... SCARED.
 Now give me... SHOCKED.
 Say "I Love You Mommy"
 Give me... PERFECT.
 Let's try... SILLY FACE.
 Give me... SWEET GIRL!!!

Another day, I took the boys out for a
special treat to a fun local restaurant.
 They have divers that jump off of cliffs in to pools below.
Very entertaining for 7 year olds!

And on a different day, we visited the massive Copper Mine.

 It was a cold (to us) and windy day and we were freezing our butts off! And, that is my sister, BreAnne, with the kiddos.
Only one more week of photos to share from our trip. Are you excited?


Brandi said...

Oh, wow! Great pics! Daisy has turned into quite the little model! 'Bout time, right??! LOL!

Kmama said...

I love your captions for Daisy's pictures. So funny!! I can't believe how much older she's looking lately.

That copper mine looks ominous! I would be afraid to get close.

Pam Bowers said...

Great vacation photos. Looks like this vacation went much better.

Daisy is so cute in all her poses.

Emmy said...

The picture of your oldest girl is beautiful! She suddenly looks a lot older. And love all the shots of Daisy! Did you actually tell her all of that stuff? I often say things just like that with my clients :)

The Mayan is a lot of fun. And Lucas was in heaven when we went to the mines.

Lindy said...

Omg! Thanx for the memories and the sweet tidings. I love you back. The pics are perfect (of course) does lily have an agent yet? Xoxoxo

Foursons said...

The series of Daisy cracked me up. She is so funny but is finally looking at the camera! Haha.

Cold in the summer? Is that possible? So jealous of your vacation weather.

Rachel said...

Amazing adventures! Loving Daisy's faces! And Itty Bit is going nuts over the copper mine and dump truck and tire!

By the way - I had the same commenting problem and when I fixed it, I did a quick tutorial here:

Hope it might fix it for you too?

Mighty M said...

Daisy is so cute - love the pics! :) And Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I love all the pictures! The ones of Daisy are so cute!