Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well, my baby is 3. She does not appreciate it when I call her "baby"!
Last Saturday, I borrowed a chair from our neighbors front porch and took some pictures of the Little Miss. It was the same story: I didn't feel like the shoot was going well and finished, feeling discouraged. My strategy is to hit the shutter EVERY time her face turns in my direction. Fast forward to editing the pictures. I took 61 pics and there were only 10 that were too blurry to edit. I LOVED all of them. You might want to sit down. Giving you a play by play of 51 pictures could take a while.
Just kidding! I don't have time for that kind of post. LOL  And it is very possible, that I am the only one who doesn't think all of the pics look the same.


I may need an intervention. I am a photo hoarder!

Daisy's party was on Sunday. We let her start by opening her presents. (many helping hands)



She was appropriately pleased with the felt cupcakes I made.

The most exciting gift:
I saw these wings online, with a tutorial, and asked my Mom if she thought Daisy needed them. About a week later, they were in the mail on their way to our house. Love ya  Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!

After presents, we moved on to cupcakes and singing.


Daisy made us light candles and sing Happy Birthday to her TWICE.


She had 3 cupcakes before dinner!
She left only a few crumbs, on her face!
I think she had fun.
We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating her!


Foursons said...

She is just a doll, her personality SHINES through these pictures.

I love the wings, your mom did a fantastic job and I do believe she should start an ETSY store.

Daisy's appropriate reaction to the felt cupcakes totally made me grin. I know exactly how that feels when you buy your kid the PERFECT gift and NEED the right reaction. :)

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Brandi said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH THE. WINGS!!! Must. have. tutorial!!!! :) Fabulous, fabulous pics! Daisy is just soooo cute, and I just can't get over her HAIR!!! We've waited so long! ;) Loving the curls! Okay, can! I! possibly! use! anymore! exclamations???!!!! ;) - I've had way too much coffee today.

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy!

Nati @ I will praise Him said...

What a beautiful little Girl!
Happy belated Birthday Daisy!

Pam Bowers said...

I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to post all 51 pictures. She's just that cute. I love the wings and the felt cupcakes. Heck, I could use a couple of those real cupcakes right now. Great party mama!!!

Mighty M said...

You got some fantastic pictures there - what a FUN day. The wings are amazing - nice job!

Lindy said...

Love, true love! My heart is just a tad broken cus I wasn't there. Darling little three year old, the super mammarazzi gets lots of points. Really glad the little bird likes her new wings!

Emmy said...

First- don't worry about the ratio- we all have shoots like that. And totally worth it in the end as such cute pictures! Love her curls! And I love love the shot with just the cupcakes- it is staged so well. Looks like she had a great birthday.

jules said...

What a lucky girl...tutus, wings and cupcakes. A perfect birthday for a 3 year old girl.

Kmama said...

Aww, happy birthday to Daisy! She is so pretty. I love those wings!

Is her hair curly, or did you curl it for the pictures?

Rachel said...

Oh she is adorable! Happy Three!!!

And umm... I totally agree with Julie - your mom is amazing and needs an Etsy store. And I needa cute little girl like yours.


Michelle Pixie said...

Happy Birthday, Daisy!!!

Look at all that hair!

How fun are those wings?! Your momma is quite talented! :)

Kim said...

She is sooo sweet. I love her curls, you definately got some great pictures. Looks like all of you had a lot of fun. The wings are awesome. Your mom is talented!

Emily, Jerimy and River said...

This is so darling!!I love love love the felt cupcakes and the wings are a kids dream come true. I need to place an order for both! River LOVES ANYTHING TO DO WITH CUPCAKES! I love the tissue paper pom poms. I wanted to make some of those. Where they pretty easy?