Monday, September 5, 2011

MM - Summer Fun

Are you in need of a mindless Monday Blog post? Are you struggling to deal with the weekend being over and can't muster the strength to type a single word? Well, Monday Mugs is for YOU! I may or may not "borrow" ideas from IheartFaces and post my interpretation of their weekly theme. Without submitting my photo for judgement and without being forced to follow the rules.

Mondays are hard! Blogging on Mondays shouldn't be!

Today's theme for Monday Mugs is: Summer Fun

I was not paying attention last week, and didn't realize today was a holiday. I hope you all are having a wonderful Labor Day!
Back in June, I failed to conclude our Summer Fun and never shared the last days of our trip to Utah.
So, here you go!
By the last day of our trip, I had taken about 500 pictures. I didn't think that was enough and proceeded to force everyone to participate in ANOTHER photoshoot.






I even tortured the Grandparents! In this picture, everyone is looking good but Ashton decided that this was the time to pull a ridiculous face!

Check out these Photoshop skills.

And here is everyone, completely exhausted from too many photoshoots and from having TOO much fun!

I also never got to sing the praises of our 2 chauffeurs. My Dad, who had business in Salt Lake but could have flown round trip, drove 12 hours with us and then flew home a week later. DaddyO flew to Salt Lake just to drive us home the next day. Seriously saved this paranoid driver! Thanks so much Guys!! Love ya!
On the way home, DaddyO even stopped at a sight seeing spot because he drank too much iced tea so we could stretch our legs for a minute.

We got to walk out on to a bridge that the cars used to drive on. I was very uncomfortable...

...because someone thought it was a good idea to try to climb the railing! There is also a view of the bridge that the cars drive across now.
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Next week's theme will be: A Touch of Sun


Emily, Jerimy and River said...

Cute pics, I am very impressed with those photoshop skills. I'm hoping to take a class so I can figure out all the options.

Lindy said...

I could look at these pics all day long... Love em to pieces!

Amy said...

These pictures are beautiful!!!!

Foursons said...

You are rockin' those photoshop skilz! Love it. I have a family picture with Nathan's eyes closed and I gave him Chris' open eyes. No one knew!

Great vacation shots, what a view.

Emmy said...

Cute pictures! Glad you had such a great trip

Kim said...

Fantastic Photoshop skills! That picture of the cuties with their Grandparents is a framer!

I hope you had a great Labor Day!

Rachel said...

Girlie - you need to remember to hand over your camera sometimes... we miss seeing you! :)

Love how Daisy has become quite your little model!

Awesome Photoshop skilz - seriously!!!

Pam Bowers said...

Love the pictures! Seriously though, when did Daisy grow up? She seems like a little girl now instead of a toddler.

Mad photoshop skilz! Good job.

Kmama said...

Look at Daisy striking the poses! Love your PS skills! You rock!

Michelle Pixie said...

Great captures! I love, love, love the one of all the kids laying in the grass...that would make the best Christmas card photo! :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Gorgeous photos, but that bridge with my little climbers would have made me nervous too! I love the photo of them all sleeping. Your kids are so cute!

Mrs. Fun said...

I love the exhausted photo!! it made me giggle!!!

Angie Vik said...

Very cute photo shoot. Lily takes great pictures. Love the eye swap. We had to do that a few years ago for a Christmas picture and didn't quite get the eyes right. That should teach my son not to blink when family pictures are being taken.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Wonderful pictures!