Friday, September 18, 2009

Five Questions Friday

Alrighty then! I am going to participate in Mama M's "Five Questions Friday"
Here goes!

1. What's your favorite line from a movie?
-My favorites, that I can remember right now, are from kids' movies that I have seen a million times. First from Monster's Inc when Mike sings "Put that thing back where it came from or so help help help me....and cut!" I really love that movie
And 2nd, I love the movie Cats and Dogs. We call the kids Scooby Dufus all the time. And I love it when Mr. Tinklestein gets out of the bath and his friend says "I love your fur! It's very slimming!"
And duh! I almost forgot my VERY VERY favorite: "As You Wish." Do you know what movie that is from? Oh Man! My ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!

2. What "group" did you belong to in high school? Goths, jocks, preps, drama, nerds?
-I didn't really belong to any "group" in high school. I was almost anti-social. I had a couple of good friends that I spent most of my time with. But if there was a "cool girl" in a class of mine that didn't have another "cool friend" to cling to, they would always sort of hang with me. I don't know?

3. If you had $1000 just for yourself what would you spend it on?
-new clothes, scrapbook supplies, pedicure, facial, dinner and a movie with Daddy D. All in the same day, please! -or- I would really love a laptop.

4. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?
-I LOVE Tom & Jerry!!! My kids love it too and if it's on it is always our first pick of cartoons to watch!

5. What kind of sleeper are you? Back? Tummy? Side? Sprawler?
-I sleep twisted, which leaves my arms in severe pain most days. From about my waist down, I sleep on my stomach. From the waist up I sleep on my side. It really doesn't sound very comfortable and I wake-up A LOT with my arms asleep. My feet never sleep under the covers!

Let's hear your answers to these questions! Visit Mama M at Five Crooked Halos to get the deets!

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Mama M. said...

Gosh, kid's movies have the best one-liners, don't they? Love it!!

Shelly said...

I always have one foot outside the covers. I've always done that. And Monsters Inc has the best quotes...that and Finding Nemo

Kim said...

Those were some hard questions. I enjoyed reading your answers though. Have a great weekend!

Brandi said...

Heather, I am such a ding-dong. I read this yesterday and I swear I thought I commented. Then, my boys were talking about watching a movie tonight and I suggested Monsters and they immediately started singing "put that thing back" and I started thinking that maybe I didn't actually comment... Anywho, "mommy brain" moment, I guess. LOVE that movie.

Your answers were great! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. :)

Clueless_Mama said...

I don't know how you have only 20 something followers!! Your blog is so great. BOY are they missing out. feet never sleep under the covers either. We have that same foot thing. LOL
I had to tell you, I bought the shake weight today!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Love lists!!! and getting to know more about blog friends!!!

I also have been meaning to do Mama M's questions! Ah!!! got to find a system!

Blessings & Aloha!

...and good night... or um... "oh, Joot! it's actually now "good morning"!

Lindy said...

heather, if you are checking your blog comments, casey, rory and cooper are on their way home and casey might need your help getting cooper to figure out the eating thing. rory says he is being kind of a sleepy stinker. talk to you later - mom

{Kimber} said...

I ♥ Monsters Inc. TOO!!!!
glad to have you as a follower :)

Heliotropism said...

Kids movies have the best lines! I can relate to that one. And to not really being a part of a group. Why classify ourselves? I preferred to mingle with everyone - when I wanted to LOL!