Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Would Your Children Say Wednesday

Marianne at Family American Style is mixing it up a bit in her post today so I decided I would do a little something different as well. Instead of things my kids have said I will show some of their comical moments that I have been able to capture with the camera. I like to call them "Exploring Their World" moments.

Lily puting on her own make-up. She had it all over her face and hands but didn't get ANY on her shirt or anywhere in the house. I showed her what she looked like in the mirror and she said "OOOH! Take it off Mommy!"

Lily emptying my drawers and putting my very attractive bikini on over her pj's.

Bailey unloading the wipes. Look at that huge stack he had already pulled out. How long was that boy left unattended?

Cute boys unloading the toilet paper. I turned around for 2 minutes to brush Lily's teeth and this is what I found when I turned back!

Darling boys destroying the gingerbread house! They could not stay away from this thing. I don't know if you can see the blank spots where they pulled off the candy and each of them had a hunk of gingerbread in their hands. And they probably shouldn't be standing on the rocking chair like that. Very Dangerous! When I caught them this time, I said "You guys are in so much trouble! Don't move so I can get a picture!"

On an unrelated to kids note, I made up a new word today. Daisy and I were playing on the floor and she tripped on something and fell down. I unintentionally said "Oh Joot!"
This is a combination between "jeez" and "shoot"
You should try using it in a sentence. TODAY!


Clueless_Mama said...

Those pics are priceless! They certainly are Cuties. I like the word Joot by the way.

Ave said...

I love the bikini and toilet paper pictures! Btw, your kids are so so cute! :)

Family American Style. said...

Love the comical moment’s idea. Just darling!!! My favorite is Lily putting on her own make-up then the not liking the way she looked and saying take it off Mommy!

Lindy said...

just darling! i need that pic of lily with the makeup for my bathroom in case someone forgets how to put on their makeup and that cute round Bailey! xoxoxo grandma/mom

Jules said...

These are some really cute pics. I love the make up one. I think every little girl has done that at one time.

Kim said...

Very cute! I also love the purple make-up that she ended up not liking. What is the fasication with wipes? I think it is two fold, they way the so eaily come out of the holder and they are wet.

Hope you are having a great Thursday!

Brandi said...

Awww, you have the cutest kiddos! I love that you captured these moments on film. Great pics! :)

blueviolet said...

The pictures are super cute! I love that she scared herself with the makeup. ;)

They look so pleased with their toilet paper fun, don't they?

Angimom said...

Hi Heather,

Your kids are darling and You are so funny and clever!

Love and miss you guys!

Granty Angi

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

seriously, great photos!!!

and our family has quite a number of funny made up words... that came into existence at the oddest times!

I'll try Joot out tomorrow...trying to read your post before I get to bed...and dont want to wake up my hubby, "Mr.-elephant-ears-&-light-sleeper man"! (not that he has big ears, cuz he really doesnt, but because, he seems to hear the slightest little selective hearing sometimes!)

Blessings & aloha!