Friday, September 25, 2009

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

The kiddos got flu shots this week. I obviously didn't have my head screwed on tight when I thought I could complete this task ALL by myself! I must have blocked the painful memories of last years flu shots when Daddy D was there to help out! Ashton volunteered to go first (repeat from last year). He jumped a little when he got his shot and I could see him thinking about crying by he didn't. Champ! We decided in the car that Bailey would go 2nd. While Ashton was getting his shot Bailey hid under the chair (repeat from last year). I was afraid I was going to have to pull him out myself and drag him to the table, but he only put up a little fight and hopped up and got his shot. He did cry for a few minutes. Lily put up the biggest fight (repeat from last year). She was hoping to get the spray-up-the-nose vaccine but the Dr told us they had used up their current supply earlier in the day. Bad bad luck! She cried and screamed and I tried to lift her up on the table while holding Daisy at the same time. When the nurse got close to her she would cry "NO! No! NO!" Eventually she did get her shot and was fine by the time we left the room! Miss Daisy didn't know what was coming so she was easy to get in to position and she only cried for a minute! Next year I need to remember: TAKE A GROWN-UP HELPER!!!

Miss Daisy is 13 months old. I had the customary photo shoot complete with trying to get her to keep the dang headband ON HER HEAD. I try to tell her that she needs a little something on her head to break up all the.....head! (when is this girl gonna get some hair?) She prefers the look below which is not helpful in keeping strangers from thinking she is a boy!

There is something living in the bush in our front yard. Whenever I get out of the car and can hear it rustling around. I wasn't too freaked out until my Mom put crazy ideas in my head about all the different animals that could be in there! Here are some of the choices:
1. lizard (I'm ok with this option)
2. mouse (yuck)
3. frog (only slightly ok)
4. snake (please, no no no)
Care to take a guess? The other day, I grabbed a handful of rocks, then ran back to the front door to throw them at the bush in an attempt to dislodge the occupant. Whatever is in there prefers to stay hidden. Daddy D says he is going to trim the bush this weekend and I will try to get a picture, from a safe distance away, and let you know what it is!

And finally, we have a new member of the family. Cousin Cooper was born September 18. The kids were so excited to meet him but had to wait until he came home from the hospital. He is so cute. We all love him!


LucieP said...

oh my 8 yr old got his flu shot yesterday....and I got suckered into buying a Bakugan...still haven't quite figured out what the deal is with those things!
Anyway, I'm going to take the baby by himself and myself and enjoy the quick recovery time!

Have a great weekend!

Lindy said...

i think ashton should get a prize for being the "shot champ" way to go! yea, i am pretty sure there is an anconda living under your flower bush. let me know what donn finds. see you later. love - grandma/mom

2003beachbunch said...

love the pictures of the kids with their new cousin! too sweet :-)

Brandi said...

I had my grown up helper and got everyone loaded into the car only to find out they were out. I have to try again next Thurs.

Lil' Bub had his 5 year well earlier in the week. I told him he'd have to get a booster, which he was totally freaked out about because he has no recollection of what shots feel like. Well, we get there and the doc said he had to have 3!!! Two of them were BIG. He doesn't want to get the flu shot now, even though I told him it was a much smaller shot. :(

April said...

Shots are no fun for anyone! I will be taking my 11 month old son in for his 1 yr vacs next month and dreading it!

Your children are adorable and that Lily is a beauty! If my son was a daughter, he would have been a Lily too :)

Kim said...

Mom of the year for tackling the shots all on your own, wow! Little cousin looks like a sweet little guy. Have a great weekend!

Family American Style. said...

We go next week for our shots and it won’t be pretty. I'm stressed just thinking about it. Thank you for your wonderful comment and I have posted my answers. Exhaustion is setting in.

blueviolet said...

You're cracking me up as I picture you standing by the door throwing rocks at the bush!