Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Friday!

Look who is home with me today!

Mr. Hack Attack! Man I hate asthma and kids getting sick from going to school! Why? Why? Why? A little cold turns in to a struggle to breath with a cough that makes the poor kid throw-up! Help! Any one have any magic tricks for keeping kids healthy during the school year?


Heliotropism said...

I wish I did have any tips... maybe load up on vitamin c? Stress the importance of washing hands constantly. I hope he gets well soon!

Brandi said...

Homeschool. :) I know, not realistic.

Ugh... when Bubba was a toddler, he was sick constantly (at least every 3 months). He was on enough meds for a lifetime just during his first 3 years. I took him out of daycare when he was 3.5 and he never touched another antibiotic until he was 8 when he got strep.

Lil' Bub has never been in daycare/school and he's going to be 5 in a few weeks and has only been on antibiotics once (he got strep from Bubba).

I hope he feels better soon! :)

Mandy said...

UGH!! I hear ya! I'm back in school now and the kids are back at daycare full time. Of course, three-four weeks in now and Grady's got a snotty nose and cough. Taylor doesn't have it yet but I'm sure she will. I set the nebulizer out tonight to be prepared, I already feel some overnight coughing and neb treatments coming on! :( I also have the scratchy throat so I must have some of the same bug.
Hope he's better soon!

Kim said...

I hope he is better. My kids seemed to be sick all the time before they got into school but I think my son had pefect attendance 2nd semester last year. It should get better. I am sure Asthma won't help things though.

Have a fun Labor Day!

Kim said...
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Angimom said...

Do your kids take a multi-vitamin? I always liked the ones with fluoride but you need a prescription for those. I've also heard there's sort of an epidemic of people who are vitamin D deficient. (Partly because we're so afraid of the sun). Anyway, I don't think it could hurt. Is that Ashton or Bailey? I didn't know you had kids with asthma. I know all about that with Gracie though. Everytime she got an infection her asthma flared up. It helped when we got her tonsils out and she wasn't constantly getting strep. I'm sure he's better by now - I'm just REALLY slow getting around to looking at blogs.
Take Care and I hope Everyone is Healthy!
Love ya, Granty Angi

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I know that I am so behind the power curve with reading...
so, I pray that by now your little guy is feeling 100% better!

Blessings & aloha!

(it is after 1am!!! so I will try not to comment on every post! haha)