Monday, November 23, 2009

Jury Duty + Vampires = A Great Friday!

I'm afraid/thrilled that my jury duty service was not worthy of a True Story Tuesday (recommended by Rachel) or a Thank You Very Much (weekly therapy provided by Kmama) post. Here are the very boring details!

Thursday afternoon I called the jury duty number and found out that I had to report to the court house by 8am Friday morning. Because I have "driving on unfamiliar roads" phobia and "fighting for parking" paranoia, I left the house at 6:30am. This meant that DaddyO had to get everybody fed, dressed and off to school all by himself. He manages these types of tasks very well on a regular basis but not usually with a time limit. There were a few bumps and 2 of the 3 children left for school in tears. (both bawlers were suffering from "that's not how Mommy combs my hair" syndrome).

I enjoyed a peaceful drive, listening to the new John Mayer CD, and arrived at the court house at 7:20am. There were 3 other cars in the parking lot! Once inside, I set off the metal detector and had to remove my belt. Of course the pants/belt combo I was wearing did not make for a swift removal of the belt. I had to tug and pull in front of security guards and everyone else waiting to be screened. I felt like I was undressing in front of everyone!

After papework completion and some waiting, we were led  in to the court room about 9am. I was all ready to perform my "nursing a baby" song and dance! The judge thanked us for showing up (we had a choice?) and let us know that they had been working on details that morning and a jury was no longer needed for that particular trial. She said that we lucked out because the trial could have lasted through Thanksgiving. My fellow potential jurors and I all cheered and ran as fast as we could to our cars!

I was on the road home by 9:15am and DaddyO had the rest of the day off! I arrived home just in time to lay Daisy down for her nap. I don't usually wake up at 5am so, after checking in on some blogs, I joined her in slumber.

After nap time, DaddyO, Daisy and I went to lunch. I had been having a nagging feeling about something ALL day and after hearing from Kimber, decided I NEEDED to see New Moon!!!

The original plan was to wait for the New Moon madness to calm down and see it on Monday but I just couldn't wait. I picked up an ecstatic Lily at school and we raced leisurely drove to the movie theater. We arrived about an hour before the show started. We got some snacks and went to wait in the line that had already formed in front of THE theater. After about 2 minutes we were let in to the theater and got perfect front row seats (the ones with the railing in front of you that you can rest your feet on). We BOTH loved it!

And that's it! My very exciting uninteresting Friday, brought to me by Jury Duty!


Ave said...

Good that you liked the movie. It was too long, slow and boring for me :)I didn´t enjoy book much either. Well, I loved the reaction from people when Jacob took the shirt off :D
I´m waiting ofr the third movie to come out :)

Brandi said...

Now, I think that might make a decent TST! I was pretty entertained and THANK YOU for the diagnosis... I had no idea there was such a thing as 'driving in unfamiliar places' phobia. I am a sufferer as well! LOL!

I saw New Moon Sunday night and holy cow... that's all I can say without being inappropriate since Jacob, I mean Taylor Lautner, is young enough to be my son. It was a GREAT movie!

Foursons said...

I'm thinking you could have turned the driving on unfamiliar roads, arriving before EVERYONE but the security guards, and the metal detector into a fantastic TST!

But wow, I'm thinking you lucked out getting into New Moon AND getting great seats at the last minute. I was under the impression that all the showings were sold out!

{Kimber} said...

I took pics of my tickets too!!
you did get lucky being able to find tickets...

Kmama said...

You definitely lucked out with your jury duty. Guess what? Tomorrow is the last possible day that I could be called for jury duty and I called the number tonight and was called!! I have to report tomorrow, but I'm not too bummed. It's less than 2 miles from my house and if I get out early, I'm working from home the rest of the day.

I'm glad you got to do something fun with your daughter!

He & Me + 3 said...

You got out of there quick. They didn't pick me, but I was there all day. Boring for sure. I love those seats in the theater...we had those tonight when we saw A Christmas Carol.

Kim said...

I have not jumped on the Twilight bandwagon but I am glad you enjoyed the movie and I am glad you got out of jury duty! Have a great Thanksgiving week!

Angie Vik said...

I have mixed feelings about jury duty. Part of me appreciates the system and is fascinated by the process. I'd like to do jury duty once if the trial didn't last too long. But as a homeschooling Mom, I don't really have the option to be away from kids all day. Your nursing baby excuse would probably have worked. Good for you for doing your civic duty.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

What a great excuse...I mean reason NOT to be in jury duty!!! ;) Glad that it worked out OK and you could go see new moon..;) Im going to follow you because I have not clicked your button and added it to my now I will know when you post...sorry I have been absent ;)


Lindy said...

have you started your book yet?...really! everytime i read your post, i bust up laughing. you make every day stories so entertaining. i'm not biased either! love - mom/grandma

Emily said...

Sweet that you got out of it. You know, before I had kids, I always wanted jury duty (although my husband said I would never get picked b/c I just wanted to find someone guilty and that's biased) and right after I had my 3rd I got called. So much for doing my duty for society! :)
So glad you got to see New Moon! I'm a total Twi-addict. I was actually Team Edward before NM but now I'm Team Jakward.

Kari @ p.s. said...

Your phobias are funny. My mom is the same way and she had Jury duty for almost 2 months!

I must say I'm out of the loop with New Moon, Twilight and all that. The last movie I saw in a theater was "The Changeling" last November for my anniversary. Babies don't let you go to movies!

Glad you had a great time!!!