Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank You Very Much!

The Daily Dribbles

There were no sleep filled nights this week to help me get out of my therapy session! If you could use some Thank You Very Much Therapy or if you find it theraputic to hear about other people's problems, hop on over to Kmama's The Daily Dribbles.

Let's get started, shall we?!

To Bailey, Thank You Very Much for removing the bar of soap from the shower after I told you not to. I was not happy the next morning when I had to decide between leaving the warmth of the shower to find soap or having to shave my legs with shampoo! FYI   I did not get out of the shower!

To the rain, Thank You Very Much! We have been waiting for you to show your face for over 2 months! Why why why do you decide to show up as soon as Lily's soccer game starts? It is not convenient or fun to keep 3 kids warm and dry while I watch my oldest child attempt to play sports. And so you know, Lily does not have windshield wipers on her glasses and you are making it very difficult for her to see where she is going let alone try to kick a ball, thank you very much!  Oh, and  thanks a lot for raining enough to make us cold and damp but not enough for the Referees to cancel the game!

Once again, Thank You Very Much to the flu! I appreciate you making Daisy sick now and ruining any chances of  her sleeping through the night. For cryin' outloud, GO AWAY!

Whew! I needed that!

p.s. I have jury duty tomorrow and will probably need some serious therapy next week!


Kmama said...

Thanks for linking up! Too funny about the soap/shampoo condundrum!!

I only have one more "possible" day of jury duty this month and I have to call next Monday night to see if I'm needed. So far, I haven't been needed at all, aside from my half day of orientation. I hope the same goes for you!

Lindy said...

hope miss Daisy is feeling better. yes that was much fun and the drippy soccer game. Lily was a champ though. and... that Bailey. xoxoxox - grandma/mom

Barclay Kathryn said...

Oh No! Hope everyone starts feeling better soon and you can get some sleep!

{Kimber} said...

haha!!! you crack me up!

Rachel said...

Sorry about the "sickiness", and the soap issue... and I'm thinking True Story Tuesday would work as therapy for jury duty??? :)

Ironic that I had been scheduled for jury duty the same week that I had to testify in my own hit-and-run case. I think they were a little scared that I'd be ticked off after seeing the woman who hit me, LOL... LIFE IN PRISON FOR EVERYBODY!!!! ha ha

Have a great rest of the week!

He & Me + 3 said...

I agree...that flu can just get out! I hate flu season. To funny about the shower...well atleast your legs smelled like your hair. That is a positive. LOL

LucieP said...

I really dislike it when my children take things from the bathroom...and use my towel...and of course don't put it back!

I hope the flu doesn't spread...that would be no good!

And the rain! For the love! Where was the lightning and thunder? Then the game would have fo sho been cancelled!

Kari @ p.s. said...

Okay, so I may sound weird, but I always use shampoo to shave. If you notice, it doesn't gunk up your razor like soap does and gives you less razor burn since the blades are clear. Yes, I'm weird. I know.

Let us know what happens with Jury Duty!

Cori Lynn said...

stopping by from Kmama's blog! Love your therapy session...soap/shampoo..that is funny and SO something my kids would do! lol.

Danielle said...

Stopping by from Kmama's.
You have some good thank you's. Go figure, about the rain. And hope Daisy gets to feeling better!!


Kim said...

Good luck with jury duty! I have know so many people who've gotten called recently. I can sympathize with playing soccer in the rain too, no fun!

Have a great weekend!

blueviolet said...

Oh no, she had to play in the rain with glasses? Poor thing. I totally understand that!

Jennifer Haas said...

I have used shampoo many times to shave. That stinks that you have jury duty. I never have done it, I pull out the kid card each time I get called.

Brandi said...

Oh no! Daisy has the flu? Poor baby. I hope she feels better soon. We are all finally better. Baby Bub has just a hint of runny nose, but it's not bothering him like it was. It's terribly difficult to get a stuffy nosed baby to sleep!

Funny about the soap! I've done that to myself moving soap from bathroom to bathroom and then realizing it's not in the right one when I'm taking a shower. Shampoo works ok for shaving, but it's not the best! ;)

Ave said...

I have something for you on my blog ;)