Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank You Very Much - 1/14/10

The Daily Dribbles

Aaahhhhh! It's therapy day hosted by Kmama! Yippeee!

Today I would like to thank Miss Daisy for the special treat she left in the bathtub last night. She had a messy diaper JUST before I put her in the tub but the warm bubble bath was just too enticing and she thought it would be funny to have Round 2 of #2 while she was supposed to be getting clean. I had to grab her quickly before she got too contaminated and hose her down in the hazmat area shower! I guess she didn't realize that I had been looking forward to taking a long hot bath after everyone had gone to bed last night! Luckily, DaddyO saved the day and scrubbed the tub for me!  Thank you very much DaddyO!!!!!!!!

I would also like to thank myself for staying up WAY too late last night. I could barely keep my eyes open while I was watching the news, but instead of just going to sleep I thought it would be a good time to load up my new blog makeover. I, of course, ran in to some snags with the installation and wound up staying awake until after midnight. Not a good idea while trying to recover from the flu thank you very much!

Whooh! That felt better than I thought it would! You should give it a try!!


Kim said...

I love your new look! It was time well spent last night but I am sure you are feeling it now.

I hate those surprises in the tub too. Thanks goodness we are out of that stage.

Jules said...

Your blog looks great!

My kids used to leave me many "gifts" in the tub when they were little.

Brandi said...

I haven't had any bathtub surprises yet, but Baby Bub has decided he hates to have his diaper changed (kicking, screaming, wiggling) and I've had to just scrap it and run to the tub!

Love the blog (totally cracking up about Daisy's 'picture'). ;)

Foursons said...

I hate when I fight sleep too. Why, why, why? So dumb.

Kmama said...

Love the new blog design!! Great job!

DOn't you just hate bathtime presents? I know I do!! Thankfully, that hasn't happened a lot, but even once is one time to many.

I also ignore my need for sleep and do "fun" stuff instead. Doh.

Thanks for linking up!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh I think all three of mine have pottied in the tub. LOL just so much fun to clean up.
GEt some rest tonight.

Kari @ p.s. said...

Love the 'round 2 of #2. I really do hate it when that happens. SO nice of daddy to scrub for you! I took a bath too last night - sans an audience of kids and sans a dirty tub :o)

And I stayed up until after 11:00 working on my blog. Seriously, as if it couldn't wait? I swear we a bunch of obsessed women - hehe!

Kari @ p.s. said...

ps....I like the new design and love the new header - the photos are great and I love that Daisy is MIA - hehe!

MadeInCanarias said...

Love your new design!

{Jamie} said...

Oh I LOVE the new blog look! Way cute and of course I giggled alittle when reading what Daisy's "Picture" said! I have to sing crazy little songs to get Preston to look at me when trying to take his picture!

Sorry to hear you've been sick but hopefully you are on your way to feeling better soon! Preston ended up getting the Swine flu a week after Christmas! Luckily we didn't get it! I'm still amazed by that!

Rachel said...

Love the new blog look! I'm ready for spring already!

Hope you feel much better by now - and all are healthy in your house!

Sounds like Daisy is giving you a run for your money though, hee hee!

And no worries - Battle of the Blogs will start soon and I am so excited about it! :)

sanjeet said...

DOn't you just hate bathtime presents? I know I do!! Thankfully, that hasn't happened a lot, but even once is one time to many.

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Leslee said...

I'm late, trying to catch up on blog reads... This was hysterical! Round 2 of #2!!! LOL!
What a great DaddyO for helping cleanup!