Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TST - The Record Breaker

It's back, it's back, it's back! True Story Tuesday! Yay!!!

Daisy is determined to break all family records for major milestones. She has reached most milestones before any of my other kids. She doesn't seem to care at all that I want her to STAY a baby!!

On her first birthday, we thought it would be helpful, to get her a walker. You know, help her figure out the whole "walking" thing! ON the very day she received the present, she started doing this:

Luckily the walker doubles as a baby stroller!

For her second birthday, we bought Daisy a little training potty. Wishful thinking since the previous family record for being potty trained is a few months past 3 years old. See, I do not enjoy potty training and I procrastinate until it becomes embarrassing as long as possible! I also find it easier to potty train when my kids can communicate better with me. Good excuse?

I wasn't expecting much the first time Daisy tried out her potty. And although she felt right at home on her "throne", she did not produce any excitement.
Later that day, we brought the potty downstairs so she could show the entire family. After everyone left she wanted to test it out again. I was absolutely shocked a few minutes later when the potty started playing a magical tune that meant something had just happened IN the potty. She stood up and sure enough there was pee pee in her potty! We were shocked and sooooooooo excited! We were clapping and giving her high fives and she loved every minute of it! All of this ON her 2nd birthday!

Since then, we have been having diaper free test runs in the mornings. Every time she sits on the potty she is able to "go". She was doing really well last week with only one minor slip-up when she peed on Ashton's bed. She came out of his room and was just as happy as she is when she goes on her potty.

So it looks like she is going to shatter the potty training record!

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Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

That's great! Except for the growing up too fast part.

Brandi said...

Way to go Miss Daisy! I think BB is going to train early. He's been taking off his diaper when it's wet, so he obviously recognizes when he's wet. He also took it off yesterday when he was... shall we just say, I'm going to have to follow your lead and get out the duct tape so that doesn't happen again?

Foursons said...

Yay for early potty training! Sorry she's growing up so fast though. :(

Michelle Pixie said...

I am right there with you! Monkey is so ready too I am the one who is not but the child takes me several times a day to the potty so she can sit on it and go "pee-pee-poo" as she likes to say. ;-)

Kmama said...

Wow!! I'm impressed and jealous! I'm lazy with the PTing too. Buster will go every time we put him on it, but I'm not ready go to all out yet.

Amy said...

I wasn't ready for TST!!! Ahhh! I will have to get my post ready for next week I guess :-)

Little Miss just wants to be as big as her brothers and sister! Go girl! I can't believe how quick she walked and potty trained!

Lula Mae was 16 months old when the lazy thing finally walked! And as for the potty training.... well call I can say is it will happen at some point :-( We are now 28 months old and are just stuck. She tries so hard but something is not clicking. If you would like to bring Daisy by to show Lula Mae what is up, I'm fine with that!

She is so cute sitting on her little potty and in her tiny panties! Awwww!

Emmy said...

Lol, does Ashton know about this? And yes they grow too fast. But so awesome that she is doing so well

Shana said...

I think it is awesome how quick she does everything. Not to mention how much easier it makes it. But I am with you on wanting them to stay babies. Blaze has done everything so quickly that it seems like he is a regular kid now and not my toddler. But it is good for them too. Way to go Daisy.

blueviolet said...

That's just great about the potty success!!!! The walking pics are so darn cute!

Lindy said...

i need that pic of her reading on her throne. that is just hilarious! you probably don't know it yet but she can read at age 2 too. little smartie! xoxox gramma/mom

Kelly said...

that's awesome! Cam was almost 3 before he was trained....too cute with her on the potty reading!

Rachel said...

Way to go Daisy girl! Just slow it down a bit so your mama can enjoy your babyhood!

Love how they do things on their own terms. Itty Bit wasn't keen on the walking thing... then on his first birthday took EIGHT FLIPPING STEPS IN A ROW. How's that for starting off with a bang?

And the potty training thing... I thought I had some time to wait it out - everyone knows boys take longer right? What was I supposed to do when he walked up and peed in the toilet at 20 months old? Lemme tell ya, it's not real convenient stopping every 20 minutes at public restrooms for a 20 month old, LOL.

I love her milestones and pictures - your Daisy is a sweetie!

(And I'm guessing the Ashton's room accident wasn't much of an accident at all, hee hee)

Thanks for linking up!!!

Emily, Jerimy and River said...

OMG! This is such a cute post. Your mom told me about Daisy peeing in her new potty. How amazing....Riv's still not there yet, hopefully soon. I don't know about having 2 in diapers!

Kari said...

Congrats! That's awesome! I'm the opposite of you. Buy 12 months I'm tired of diapers and around 14 months I start the training. I had Bella trained by 18 months - woohoo! Scout isn't as quick as she is, but I find we're not home as often so we can make a strong effort to catch him everytime he goes. I does go poop in his a lot, which is good!
Yay for Daisy! You go girl!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Way to go, Daisy!!!!