Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten Things

Ten Things that made me smile in September

1. Daisy got cute skeleton pj's and wore this hat everywhere for 2 days straight. Even to bed!

2. Some new Fall decorations.

3. Lily and I share a toothbrush base. After she finishes brushing her teeth every night, she attaches my toothbrush head and lays out the toothpaste for me.
4. Pumpkin Spice Lotion and Hand Soap

5. The 2nd grade put on an Independence Day themed program at school. Ashton and Bailey both had speaking parts and they both remembered their lines and spoke loudly and clearly so we could hear and understand them. Bailey did pronounce Philadelphia "Philadelthia," but that just made me smile even more!

6. Lily was the first student in her class to get the Student of the Month Award. For my extremely quiet and shy girl this is HUGE. A teacher who is able to recognize her personality and treat her in a way that is not intimidating and allowing her to feel comfortable participating in class or asking her teacher for help. Her grades are amazing this quarter with very little help from us!!
7. For the first time since my kids started school, they ALL had perfect attendance this quarter. Usually everyone gets sick a couple of weeks after school starts and inevitably have to stay home due to fevers. 

8. 3 more days of school and the kiddos are on Fall Break for 2 weeks. I CAN NOT believe how fast this quarter has gone by! I can still remember the sadness of sending them back to school and am looking forward to everyone being home again!

9. More of this:

10. Survivor

What were you smiling about in September? Let us know and link up with Emmy Mom - One Day at a Time!


Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

I love how your list includes pictures. It's a great list. You have amazing and special kids. I love the last pictures of Daisy. She's a cutie.

Mighty M said...

How wonderful your daughter got student of the month! Very cool!! I love the smells and decorations of the fall - they make me smile too! :)

Kmama said...

Love those skeleton PJ's!! So cute.

Congrats to Lily (and you guys as parents). I'm sure you are super proud.

Fall break?? Fall break? We don't get no stinkin' fall break. We just started. ;-)

Emmy said...

Those photo shoot pictures are so cute! And what a proud mommy month! So nice when our kids do well in school.

Thanks so much for linking up

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Those are all great things to smile about! Congratulations to Lily!!!

Tiffany said...

Ok, I adore that hat & pjs. I love the streaks kids get into. And Survivor - totally with you girlfriend! Although it is throwing me now that it's on Wed.

{Kimber} said...

yay for Lily!!
love the pj's

Rachel said...

Good Lord - your kiddos are slaying me with cuteness! :)

Congrats to Lily! And which of your boys is signing up there?!

Daisy is just plain adorable as usual. It's a fulltime job, you know.

And that toothbrush thing? I can barely keep my kiddo from "cleaning" with mine *sigh*

Jodee Leader said...

Hooray for perfect attendance! Love the new fall decorations too!

Amy said...

That sweet thing in those Pj's is cracking me up! What a mess! Isn't that a sweet daughter you have, fixing up your toothbrush for you. I would beware when April Fools rolls around though ;-) WAY TO GO on the perfect attendance! I hope your fall break is full of fun! I wonder if Daisy ever gets tired of being so cute??? Nah, I doubt it!

Shana said...

Oh I love your list and all the photos too! Such cute kids. I cannot believe the year is flying so quickly. It is crazy!

2003beachbunch said...

Love your new fall decor and your sweet little cutie :-) THose pics are awesome!

Kim said...

You have such great kiddos! Congrats to Lily and the boys and Miss Daisy for just looking cute. Do you have something exciting planned for break?

Michelle Pixie said...

I love it! All wonderful things to smile about and made me smile just reading and looking at all of the pictures. =)

Daisy is so stinking cute! I have to have one of those chairs. And now I can't wait for my girls to get their break...we get it in November. ;-)

Angie Vik said...

Fun picures. What a neat way to foster contentment by looking for things to be thankful for. May October bring you twice as many things to be thankful for.

*LLUVIA* said...

Way to go to Lilly and the boys!! Daisy's pics are so cool! She's so cute!!

Brandi said...

Grrr... I tried to comment yesterday and my computer and/or Blogger was giving me fits.

HAHA ~ Ladybub has those pj's in hot pink! I'm hoping they'll fit her by Halloween. :)

Congrats to Lily! YAY!

I bet it was just too fun to watch the boys in their school program.

I'm loving these pics of Miss Daisy!!!

Emily, Jerimy and River said...

Your kids are growing up so fast! Lily and the boys are darling. I love the pics of Daisy in the zebra chair with tutu...classic! Those will be ones to cherish forever.