Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TYVM - 9/16/10

Courtesy of Kmama

To DaddyO, Thank You Very Much for smacking me in the head with a magazine while trying to kill a fly. And saying "You have to hit them hard or they don't die" How about you wait til the fly lands somewhere other than MY HEAD!!!

To Daisy, Thank You very Much for deciding my contact case would be a fun toy, removing it from it's happy home in my bathroom drawer and making it impossible for my tired brain to locate it at midnight. Dais, I don't like putting my contact in a ramekin from the kitchen, Thank You Very Much! **update** After I purchased a new contact case, my original case was found in one of Daisy's purses!!

To the packaging of my new contact case, Thank You Very Much for stating that I should be replacing my contact case EVERY MONTH. Really?!?!  oopsa-daisy! I've had my original case for YEARS!

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Rachel said...

Oh no!!! Mr. Daddy whacks me going after flies too! Though your husband's comment did make me laugh, sorry!

And I had no clue about those contact lens cases... oopsie here too!

And isn't it so frustrating when kids "relocate" your items for you?!? Too creative with the ramekin! hee hee

kneesandpaws said...

Ouch! and I'm sorry for chuckling at that but his excuse is funny. Apparently there is no way to whack flies with precision unless you swing hard. But at your head? I think I'd be looking forward to the next time a flying insect approaches the vicinity of his noggin....

Kmama said...

DaddyO seriously smacked you in the head with a magazine? ooh, that's some fightin' material there! LOL his comment cracked me up.

I use Clear Care contact solution and they have their own cases that come in every box, so I guess I'm compliant with changing my case. I didn't use to be though.

Kmama said...

Oops, forgot to thank you for linking up!


Mighty M said...

Are you SURE there was a fly? Maybe he thought you just needed a good whack! :)

Shana said...

Uh huh. Chris would do the first one too lol. he has as a matter of fact. So not cool. I had no idea about the contact cases either. Weird. Thank you for always leaving such sweet and encouraging comments by the way. All of the prayers are so appreciated.

LucieP said...

HAHA He prob didn't see a fly. Love him for that one.
Contacts are such a pain! I've had to switch to daily disposables because my eyes weren't even tolerating the 2 week ones & I was getting infections even though I took them out everynight!!!

One day, Big Daddy was having issues with them & I suggested that he get my old glasses that are still good for his less blind vision. Sooo he's working still when I go to bed- I take my contacts out and go to get my glasses- not in their spot...can't find them anywhere or the older pair.
When I see him the next day, I said, "did you really wear purple glasses to work?" (he works at a prison) Funnnnnny

Tiffany said...

I had no idea you are supposed to change cases every month. Hubs has had the same cases since ... umm ... we met? I think?

We had to start hiding Daddy's glasses after sweet, precious Madi decided to wear them around the house and promptly break them. Grr..

Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

See??? Daisy helped you out after all.

Michelle Pixie said...

My husband hits me when he is swatting flies too! I am starting to think maybe they are doing it on purpose. ;-)

Daisy is so cute! I wish we were closer so we could do playdates. Can you imagine how much our little ones would entertain us?!

Emmy said...

My SIL couldn't wear contacts for almost a year after a bad eye infection..why did it happe dirty contact case.

Brandi said...

Oh Miss Daisy! Too funny! Of course you found it after buying a new one. ;)

Jodee Leader said...

Mr. Daddy is a hoot! It sounds like something Chef Daddy would do here!

So glad you got a "clean" case! I bet I used mine for years too!

{Kimber} said...


and wait what? your supposed to change the CASE every month too?

He & Me + 3 said...

I didn't know that either about the contact cases. Oops is right.

Emily said...

Hm, replacing my contact lens case has never crossed my mind. ;)
And I would be more mad at my hubs for trying to kill a BUG on me than for smacking me with a magazine. Who wants a smashed bug on their head?!?!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said... hubby is the "ninja-fly-killing-pro!" He has been known to kill a fly with his bare hands! and does this efficiently and has passed this skill to our son-"Heartbreaker"!

Of course, thankfully, they are sure to wash their lethal weapons (aka hands) after completing this task.

And wow! I never have read that about replacing the contact cases after a month??? Thanks for the info.

Blessings & Aloha!