Thursday, October 7, 2010

TYVM - 10/7/10

Hosted, this week, by the lovely and talented Julie at Foursons

To my darling children (except Lily), Thank You Very Much for removing all of the FOLDED laundry from the laundry basket and throwing it all over my room! I REALLY wanted to re-fold all of the clothes!

To Student of the Month assemblies, Thank You Very Much! It is bad enough that I tear up when my own children are receiving this award, but it's just embarrassing when I am wiping away tears for other people's children!!

To the landscapers/very motivated homeowners, Thank You Very Much for revving up your trimmers and leaf blowers at 5am! It's Fall Break people. I don't need to wake up 'til 6:30am!!

To Ashton, Thank You Very Much for letting me know that I am the worst mother you've EVER had!
I don't think he appreciated it when I laughed!

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Rachel said...

I'm still sitting here in shock over the unfolded laundry! My kiddo would be in hiding if he tried that, LOL!

And I highly doubt you're the worst mom ever... but it cracks me up that you laughed :)

Emmy said...

Yes there should be laws about working on your yard that early. Just don't fold the laundry-that has been my plan lately.

Heather said...

You should have asked those lawn guys to come in and fold your laundry. (Again.) (Quietly.)

Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

I hate folding laundry. I would really hate folding it twice.

Don't most neighborhoods have quiet ordinances. Like 6 or 7 AM to about 10 PM? I would have been pissed to be woken up at 5 AM.

Not only was I the WORST.AUNT.EVER! but that I had never ever ever cared for her or loved her. The things they say in the heat of the moment.

Amy said...

How many other Mom's has the child had anyway? LOL Oh the things kids say!

Laundry is not my friend. I would have cried if I had to fold it TWICE! AHHHH!

Foursons said...

I hate so much when my kids unfold laundry when they are looking for what they want. I make them refold all of it then get frustrated when they do a bad job.

I have left notes on my neighbor's doors asking them not to mow so early in the morning. I think it's downright wrong to wake the neighborhood up.

Thanks for linking up!

Mighty M said...

I can so relate to the little laundry unfolding gremlins - they make such a mess!!

Brandi said...

Yes, you're much, much worse than his other mom! haha! ;)

My kids like to get in my bed and/or think they can go help themselves to my pillows and drag them out to the living room to get comfortable while they're watching TV... after I've made the bed. I HATE re-doing stuff I've already done.

Michelle Pixie said...

I just lost it on my kids last night about my bedroom not being a playroom! I don't understand? I have given them every other room in the house why can't they just stay out of mine? Grrr LOL

And I have to say if your kids haven't told you you are the worst parent they have you aren't doing your job right! ;-)

Jodee Leader said...

Oh my word! What a week! Folding laundry twice?! No flippin way!

Kim said...

Ha, ha I agree with Jodee! As if folding once wasn't bad enough. Hope you are enjoying your break minus the leaf blower at 5 bells.

Emily said...

LOL! Jack told me I was the "Meanest Mommy ever!" the other day. He just got angrier when I laughed too! :)