Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TST - Diaper Recycle

*I am re-using a post I published back in October along with a little update at the end. If you have already seen this, please feel free to skip to the end!*

I know you have all been dying to know how I dispose of diapers, right? RIGHT?! Simmer down! I will tell you!

I have been changing diapers for 10 years. Ten joyful, fun-filled years! How to dispose of the diapers has always been a dilemma!

With Lily we had the Diaper Genie. I liked the concept and enjoyed spinning the diapers around. I don’t know if it was just the 2000 model, but I didn’t think it worked well at hiding the delicious diaper smell! We donated it to an "expecting" family member.

Then, twice the babies equals twice the smell. So we thought it would be funny to throw the boys' diapers in the kitchen garbage can. This worked fine until we had to throw something else away and when we lifted the lid horrific smells would blast us in the face and linger/spread through the kitchen. That kind of stench does not belong in the kitchen.

With Daisy, I started by just putting the diapers in a grocery bag that was hanging on the back of her bedroom door. Pretty soon that started stinking up her room and I knew that something needed to be done! Here is my solution:
I got this 3 gallon metal step-on garbage can and put it under the sink in the kids’ bathroom. Let me just tell you that this is a dream come true! There are 3 layers of nasty odor protection. First, the garbage can lid keeps diapers and their stench inside the can. Second, the cupboard adds an extra stink barrier. And third, if things are smellin' really rotten, we can just close the bathroom door. Also, since these kinds of odors routinely emanate from the bathroom it is not so devastating when the diapers are especially smelly!

While we’re on the subject of diapers, has anyone had babies that remove their own diapers and leave special treats in their cribs or on bedroom floors? Oh! My boys LOVED to disrobe themselves! One morning I walked in and one of them was peeing through the bars of their crib. Another time, someone had left brown smudges on the bed, sheets and down the wall with an unusual surprise on the floor. We remedied this situation by duct taping their diapers. Problem solved.

Here is Daisy modeling the darling duct taped diaper look. I am such a dope and never took pictures of the boys with their duct taped diapers! Bad Mommy! I just smacked my hand!

Daisy was duct taped for the sole purpose of being photographed. And as you can see from the photo she says "rock on" to duct tape!

My Grandma wrote a funny poem about twins and their mischievous activities. The poem was inspired by actual events that were carried out by my twins and my Mom’s twins.

Duct Tape Diapers
Terrible-two twins
(Mom’s immediate melodrama)
Have psychic connections
That double the trouble

Without a word
Or using their unique private language
“A” opens pantry door, “B” pushes in stool.
Soon both are eating five kinds of cereal off the floor.
(Mom puts a lock on the pantry).

“A” finds Mom’s lipstick, “B” smears it on four shoe soles.
Both gleefully tramp across the white carpet.
(Mom finances a new rug and stops wearing lipstick).

“A” opens a box of margarine, “B” takes off the wrappers.
Dining room wall makes a canvas for “oil” painting.
(Mom gets a prescription for Prozac).

Early morning
“A” and “B” commune about stripping down bare-naked.
Soon cribs and clothes and kids are turd-dotted.
(From then on Mom duct tapes the diapers).


Isn’t that fantastic! I love it!!

P.S. Since I wrote this post, Daisy has decided that she likes to take off her clothes AND messy diapers while she is in bed. It looks like duct-tape might be in her future. I think I saw some different colored tape at the store the other day (besides gray). Pink would look nice!

After the previous incident, Daisy did not keep up with the diaper disasters, until a few weeks ago.  Now she is a Diaper Houdini! The pink duct tape WAS purchased and is working very well!

It's a little bit hard to see the cute pink strips. Daisy was not interested in posing to show off her diaper! She was much to busy checking herself out in the mirror while she danced to Lily's musical card!
Now that you are done reading THAT, go visit Once Upon A Miracle to hear more true stories!


{Kimber} said...

where can I find PINK duct tape?! this is like Christmas!!!!

Foursons said...

I know we already discussed this, but my boys were duct taped into their diapers too. I have some horror stories. Ugh.

He & Me + 3 said...

That is so cool that you found pink duct tape. She can look stylish with her diaper in tact. Love it. The poem is great too.

*LLUVIA* said...

LMAO!! This is awesome!

Is there anything for a bib? I wonder if I can duct tape that to her clothes! She keeps yanking them off during feeding!

Emmy said...

We tried the diaper genie too and it was just a pain. Now we put the diaper in a grocery sack, tie it closed and toss it into the garage. then at the end of the day my husband gets the pile of grocery sacks and takes them to the garbage can outside :)

Brandi said...

I am impressed with the pink duct tape as well!

You're kids just crack me up! So far, Baby Bub has taken his diaper off just wet... keeping FINGERS CROSSED!!!

Michelle Pixie said...

Omigosh none of my kids have ever taken their diapers off and left me any surprises. SHEW! Monkey is tugging on hers though so I am thinking I may go get a roll of that pink duct tape to have on hand! ;-)

We have a pot {like a really big pot for plants} sitting out our back door and every diaper gets thrown out there. We had the diaper genie with Feather and I was in the same camp as you... A big waste of money! So ever since I have run every diaper outside to the trash. Now I have older kids it is their job to empty the diaper pale from the back porch to the trash. ;-)

Abraham + Marci said...

That is too funny! I am a twin and my sister and I would get into all kinds of trouble. Usually when my dad was watching us while my mom was at work. My mom actually tied us to our cribs by the foot with a sock. She would do this to keep us in the crib pluse put us as far away from eachother as possible since we would just play and keep eachother up. Once we had fallen asleep she would untie us. I love being a twin:)

Sierra said...

Oh boy! We had a few jackson pollock style incidents too. It is truly over the top gross. Why we didn't think of duct tape when it has at one point or another held together our house, car and furniture, well...I just don't know.

Rachel said...

Absolutely hilarious!!!

I am so glad my kiddo was not the stripping kind... literally, he never messed with a single diaper.

Though I am pretty darn lucky that some of Mr. Daddy's "diapering" jobs didn't result in nuclear leaks...

I love this! I laughed all the way through! And I'm so glad you've got Daisy all color-coordinated :)

Thanks for linking up and for the chuckles!

Rachel said...

And I LOVE your mom's poem!!!

Kmama said...

That poem is hilarious!! So creative.

I was interrupted in my Just Dance practicing tonight by a crying Buster. I went to check on him and he was crying in his crib, saying that he took his diaper off. Sure enough, it was undone IN HIS PJ PANTS. Ugh. At least he didn't pee or poop!

Kim said...

I love the duct tape idea! Especially the pink. What a great poem for your precious boys. I love that she says turd-dotted, lol!

The only diaper incidents we used to have is when the kid would take off their pull ups and leave them in their room and our dog would tear them apart. YUCK!