Thursday, April 1, 2010

LOI - Dear Julie


Dear Julie,

Happy Day After April Fools Day! I hope you have fully recovered from "Operation Punk Julie"! I really didn't think you would fall for it! When I woke up Thursday morning and read your post, I thought "SHE KNOWS! She's just writing this post to mess with us!" I didn't think you would believe that that many people would be crazy enough to unfollow YOU! I never participate in April Fools pranks but I just couldn't resist messing with your Blog Domination plans for just a minute! The fact that you got a few extra followers out of the deal really helps with any guilt that may have been involved on my part. I hoped, in the end, you would see that we all did it out of love!

Did you really think that that many people would unfollow you in one day?

Yours truly,
A loyal follower who may be trying to suck up just a bit to make sure there are no hard feelings.

Go visit Julie at Foursons to see how everyone else apologized/explained our April Fools day prank!


The Boob Nazi said...

This is funny to me because I KNOW you don't know me as Julie, and I know you wouldn't refer to me as Julie, but I totally thought this was directed toward me.

Kmama said...

I love that she was totally clueless.

LOL at the Boob Nazi's comment!! ;-)

Brandi said...

I knew she'd figure it out fast, but I didn't think she'd actually believe for a second that people were really unfollowing her. ;)

Foursons said...

Yes, I fell for it. A little embarassing but I would have spoiled y'alls fun had I known what was going on! I forgive you- just don't let it happen again. Hahahaha

Thanks for linking up!

Michelle Pixie said...

It was a little fun wasn't it?! I didn't think she would fall for it either. I figured if she looked to see who was still on her GFC she'd see who was missing and it would be a dead giveaway! ;-)

Aunt Crazy said...

I thought she would figure it out quickly just based on who was missing. It was seriously fun though and the aftermath has been just as fun!!!

Emily said...

Heather, you are too nice! :)

He & Me + 3 said...

I love your letter! So sweet.

{Kimber} said...

great suck up letter!!! haha
she was such a good was a great April Fools for sure! :)

Kim said...

WOW! What a perfect April Fool's prank to do on a blogger. I am like you though I would totally be apologizing :).

*LLUVIA* said...

This was an awesome prank!!!! I loved it!

Rachel said...

LOL - this still cracks me up every time I think about it!

And to think that she originally blamed MEEEE?!?! Little innocent MEEEE?!?!

I love that you joined in :)

And I am laughing at the very first comment too, LOL!