Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TST - Lily's Ears

When Lily turned 7 years old, she decided that she wanted to get her ears pierced. DaddyO and I thought it would be a good birthday present so we took her to get it done. Once she hopped in the chair the tears and hysterics began. I was really loving that it seemed like we were forcing her to get her ears pierced! Lily survived the drama and she left the store with pretty little flower earrings. Due to all the commotion, I didn't get any pictures.
This is one of the only pics I have of Lily with her ears pierced.

Shortly after the piercings, DaddyO and I went on a little trip to Hawaii. Without Kids! I was so excited to shop around for some new earrings for Lily and I was on a mission to find a starfish pair (anyone see Aquamarine?).
After much searching I did find a pair of starfish earrings and not long after our trip, it was time for Lily to remove the original studs and start wearring regular earrings. We tried the starfish pair first and of course her ears became incredibley infected! I had to take the earrings out and Lily absolutely refused to let me put anything back in! So, the holes closed up.

Fast forward to Lily's 10th birthday (that's how long it took to recover from the first piercing). Lily received a gift certificate to Claire's. I casually mentioned that she could use it to get her ears pierced. She thought about it for a few days and finally decided that she DID want to get her ears pierced again. We took her to the mall and she picked out a pair of earrings that were almost identical to the pair she picked out when she was 7.

There were no hysterics, but there were a few tears!

There was still the feeling that everyone else in the store thought I was forcing her to get her ears pierced!

But, she survived and happily ended up with pretty pierced ears!

Then she paid for her siblings to ride this little merry-go-round.

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{Kimber} said...

awwwwww....poor thing, infected ears hurt SO BAD!!!

they look great now! and I am jealous of that pic of you in Hawaii :)

Beth said...

My step-daughter had fright/stress induced seizures when she was younger. First one happened when I was cleaning her ears, and turning the earring, shortly after getting her ears pierced. Scared me half to death. Over the years it became a normal part of life with our kid but I received a panicked call from Claires one day because she had gone with a friend and watching her friend get her ears pierced brought one on! We don't even want to talk about the day she got contacts! :)

New follower. Found you through TST.


SarahMerritt said...

Poor girl! I have had mine pierced 3 times all 3 times they get infected and now at 25 I have not worn earings since my wedding day nearly 6 years ago!

Kmama said...

I had to get my ears pierced twice too. I had it done the first time when I was 6 and then again when I was 8.

Cute pictures!!

Shana said...

Oh bless her heart. It does hurt and is a little scary but they do get over it. Now some people don't agree but I say if you know you are going to do it then do it when they are babies so they won't remember and they will be easier to keep clean. Just my opinion though. I think little girls are adorable with or without them. My father in law always said that if God wanted holes in your ears he would have made them that way lol.

Heather said...

I got my daughters ears pierced when she was one. And we have had ONE of them pierced two more times since then. She is nine now and currently only one still has a hole in it.

(How sweet of your daughter to pay for them to ride the ride!)

Shell said...

Poor thing! My niece had hers done at 6 months or something like that b/c my sil wanted her to be used to them. Not sure how I feel about that, but she looks cute.

How sweet that she paid for her sibs to go for a ride. :)

kneesandpaws said...

I love the way you weave your stories and pictures together. Sometimes we shed a lot of tears in the name of beauty, but she absolutely doesn't have to try. What a brave kid with a big heart.

*LLUVIA* said...

I wish mom would have waited to get my ears pierced. I got them done right after I was born. I hate wearing earrings. I won't pierce my baby's ears until she wants to.

Pam said...

I was 11 before my mom would let me pierce my ears. I was insanely jealous of my sister who had it done at 5. My mom had her reasons. I loved my piercings. At 18 I got a second hole in each ear. They are super sensitive and I cannot wear cheap earrings in those holes.

Lily is so pretty and I love her little earrings. She was very brave even with her few tears. She's such a good big sis to give her younger siblings the ride on the merry-go-round.

He & Me + 3 said...

My ears get infected with any earring. I hate it. She does look beautiful with her ears pierced. What a cutie.

Danielle said...

She looks so cute with pierced ears. My ears are sensitive too, and always get infection. I think I have had the same earrings in for years now because they are the only ones I have found that do not get infected. LOL

Foursons said...

I'm laughing at the fact that you felt like you were forcing her to do something she wanted to do. I think all parents feel like that at some point.

She looks beautiful with her new earrings.

Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

Sorry it took two times. Ugh. We did Bella at 14 months. She was clueless. All she cared about was the sucker they gave her. Still wears earrings to this day!
Lily looks cool with her ears pierced!
And, um. Hawaii photos - just thrown in there to make us all jealous????

Rachel said...

After seeing that little heartbreaking photo of her tears, I'm glad my mom decided to pierce both her girls' ears before they could remember it!

So sweet of her to get the kiddos rides! She is a beauty inside and out.

Brandi said...

Awwwww. My little 3 yr old niece just had hers done. SO cute.

I had to have mine done twice too. I don't remember how old I was, though. I know the first time I was at least 10. I had a SUPER short haircut and everyone we encountered would tell my mom she had 'nice looking boys.' I got my ears pierced to people would know I was a girl, but I still got called a boy. *sigh*

2003beachbunch said...

Ok so 7 years old huh? My daughter is about to turn 4 and she wants them....she promises she won't cry and throw a fit like the little girl in the store but I am kind of doubtful now! Your daughter turned out very pretty though!

Emmy said...

I hate when kids are freaking out over something they wanted to do in the first place. Hopefully it works good this time :)