Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Anniversary and the next MM

Last weekend DaddyO and I celebrated our 12year anniversary. Just thought I would share how we celebrated!
We took our boys to a Diamondbacks game! Yippeeee!
Isn't that how you usually celebrate YOUR annivesary?

It was a hot day and I was hoping they would have the roof closed to the stadium but as we drove closer we could see that the roof was open. I SPRAYED us all down with sunscreen and anticipated a VERY sweaty game! When we got to our seats, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the shade started 2 rows in front of us. This made for a much more enjoyable experience!

Our seats were behind the Dbacks dugout and as the game neared the end of the 3rd inning, DaddyO sent the boys down to heckle the players in to throwing them a ball. Unfortunately, we sent them down a little too early and they were escorted back to their seats by a friendly usher! tee hee!
Our faces even made it up on the Jumbotron! It was right when we were in the middle of eating and I had a fork hanging out of my mouth. Sadly, my hands were busy shoveling food and not taking pictures at that time.
As soon as we sat down in our seats, the boys started begging for cotton candy!
As soon as they were done with their cotton candy, they started begging to go home! We left at the beginning of the 8th inning and the Dbacks beat the Phillies 8-6!

The theme for the next Monday Mugs is: Then and Now


The Boob Nazi said...

I'm glad you guys were in the shade! I hate being in the sun.

Brandi said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!!! :) Sounds like a fun day.

We try to go to dinner on our anniversary... it's like one of the very few 'date nights' we have all year, but there have been years we've just done stuff with the kids instead. I like the family outings. Especially when you get into the double-digit years. Not that it's not a special day anymore, but we had plenty of 'alone' anniversaries when we were younger. ;)

Foursons said...

Sitting in the sun for 9 innings can be quite uncomfortable! I'm glad y'all got the shade or I'm sure the boys would have been begging to go home even sooner.

Happy Anniversary!

Michelle Pixie said...

Happy Anniversary! That sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. Your boys are so dang cute!

Leiah said...

My daughter and I used to make the hour and half trip to Houston to see the Astros and it would be the most fun. Except those damn concessions and the way they can eat a hole through your wallet. I finally had to tell her one game it was not an all-you-can-eat buffet. Happy Anniversary!

Emily said...

Hey, at least you were together, right!? ;) Happy anniversary!

Kmama said...

Isn't it funny how our anniveraries change over the years?

I think we had mac and cheese for dinner last year. LOL

Emmy said...

Sounds like a great day; Happy Anniversary. And yes I have read about how hot it already is in AZ and am really not missing that heat :)

Rachel said...

Love your anniversary story!

The pics are great - but I'd pay money to see the Jumbotron moment :)

I am still gasping that you were worried about the heat and were wearing sunscreen... cuz I'm looking at spring showers right now...

{Kimber} said...

Happy Anniversary!!

I love baseball games--so much fun! this one looks like no exception :)

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats on 12 years. It looks like you had fun at the ball game.