Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank You Very Much - 7/29/10

Courtesy of Kmama

I missed my session last week so I am in desperate need of therapy this week!

To my body, Thank You Very Much for operating better on 3 hours of sleep than you do on 6 hours of sleep. What's up with that? Are you trying to tell me that I should get less sleep than I already do?

To the bug that made Miss Daisy sick all last week, Thank You Very Much for sticking around for our Staycation. YOU owe an apology to 3 families (including ours) who were trying to enjoy dinner and were forced to wittness Daisy throw-up all over herself. OH, and it was very thoughtful of you to see to it that Daisy did not act sick before OR after she threw up. It makes it a little hard for us to tell what is going on when she is singing and dancing 5 minutes after losing her lunch, Thank You Very Much!

To our stupid air conditioner (1 of 2) that decided to break down last weekend, Thank You Very Much! ON.THE.DAY that I had scheduled tag-team babysitters so DaddyO and I could do some school and birthday shopping AND see a movie! I can't very well force the Grandparents to watch my kiddos in sweltering conditions, thank you very much! Get with the program, and just do your job!

To Daisy, Thank You Very Much for making it look like I just let you run wild through the house without keeping a single eye on you!
Yep, Miss Daisy with a glass potting dish, a huge fork AND the entire container of ice cream!
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Jodee Leader said...

Sorry to hear about your air conditioner and date night! That totally sucks! Hope you get to reschedule soon!

Foursons said...

Oh no! Date night can't be foiled!

Miss Daisy cracks me up. A girl after my own heart w/that ice cream!

Rachel said...

Oh no - poor Daisy! Glad your other kiddos didn't come down with it too!

Itty Bit just puked yesterday :( And it was REALLY traumatic for him because he's 4 years old and this is only the second time in his life that he's upchucked. And he was a baby the first time. So he had no clue what was happening, got totally scared, and then immediately said, "I need to talk to God about it!"


I'm glad Daisy is back to normal - hopefully it was just a too much water too quick or something?

I'm sleep deprived too right now - amazing how us mothers can run on so little! :)

Hope your AC gets fixed soon!

Carly said...

That last Picture is too cute! hope Daisy's feeling better!!

Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

Love the last picture. That's my kind of girl. Sorry she was sick. That's no fun.

Mighty M said...

No AC! No fair!! I hate how those stomach bugs just creep up on kids - you know they MUST feel a little off, yet most of the time they act okay until they decide to puke.

SuperMom Blues said...

Sweet Daisy! Smart girl to figure out how to get that ice cream all by her self!

Hope the AC gets fixed ASAP! Y'all need it!

Tiffany said...

Poor Daisy! Our Kat did that in the middle of Olive Garden one time. Fun for everyone!

Kmama said...

No AC in Arizona? eek. I can't imagine. LOL at that pic of Miss Daisy. She looks so happy!!

Thanks for linking up!

blueviolet said...

I feel so bad about your A/C going out! UGH!!!

Shell said...

Oh, I love that pic!

That's why I've had to put a lock on my fridge. LOL

Emmy said...

Well at least you got a cute picture of the crime :). So sorry about the AC, especially since it ruined your plans.

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh no the AC did not go out on you...ugh that is just not right.
Daisy is too cute eating the ice cream. on the bright side she is using a spoon. LOL

Kim said...

Looks like Daisy wasn't feeling too bad! She is adorable with the ice Cream. I hope you got our AC back up and running we would not make it a day without ours and the humidity in NE.

Michelle Pixie said...

Oh how I do love your little Daisy! Such a doll!!

Monkey has that flu right now although she is acting sick with a 102 fever but oh the puking is more than any momma ever wants to endure. Thankfully she waited until the second we got home today to start the puke fest!