Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten Things To Smile About - August

It's that time of the month again! Time for Ten Things I enjoyed Smiling About in August!

1. We finally had some decent monsoon storms!

2. The boys invited 6 friends to their birthday party and ALL 6 showed up!
    Bonus: All but 1 RSVPed!

3. Watching the boys play with their new legos! We may have waited a bit too long to let them have the tiny legos. And, YES, we find them ALL OVER the house!

4. The last 5 days we have had tempertures BELOW 100 degrees. Unheard of in August! Yesterday it was 98degrees with absolutely no humidity! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

5. Because of the cooler temps, we took our first walk/bike ride in MONTHS! The kids were so happy!

6. I got to spend a half-day with Lily during Shadow a Student day at her school. 

7. One of the balloons from Daisy's party floated in to the front room and got stuck in the ceiling fan. I smiled once wondering how we would ever get it down from the 20 foot ceiling. I smiled a second time when DaddyO attached a pin to a dart and shot at the ballon with the boys' nerf gun in order to pop the balloon and stop the horrible sounds it was making from being spun around in the fan! (It is still dangling from the fan and I promise to post pics of Daisy's Bday soon!)
8. & 9. This one deserves 2 smiles because we were LOBO! We were over at my Mom's swimming and Daisy decided she was done with the pool. My Mom took her and was going to get her dressed. She started to pull off her swim diaper only to realize that Daisy had left a messy surprise inside. My Mom wasn't exactly sure how to handle the situation. I told her she could rip the sides of the diaper but because Daisy was standing up, when she tore the sides a hunk-a-poo fell on the patio. The kids and I were all still in the pool, watching and LAUGHING! After Grandma got Daisy hosed off and handed to Grandpa, she grabbed the piece-a-poo and threw it in to the swim diaper so she could throw the entire thing away. This is when the real laughter began. Through his laughter, Ashton said "I've never seen an old lady pick up poo before!"

10. And one final smile thinking that next month I will be smiling about watching Survivor!!

What were you smiling about in August? Tell us all about it and link up with Emmy Mom - One Day at a Time.

**Please Be Advised:
I changed the theme for next week's
Monday Mugs to: Summer Recap**


Kari said...

98 degrees and no humidity??? You must be thrilled. Geesh - too hot for this Colorado girl :o) Today it's a perfect 80 and breezy! Glad you got rain. Looks cool!

Have to laugh at the 'old lady picking up poo' statement! Kids are awesome!

Kmama said...

LOL at the poopy diaper and Ashton's comment. So funny!!

Daddy O is a smart man with that dart and balloon trick!!

Brandi said...

Ooh, a cool 98! HAHA!

OMW! Ashton's comment was hysterical!!! :D

*GASP* That's right!!! We haven't seen Miss Daisy's birthday pics yet (or the owl quilt...ahem)!!!

Emmy said...

Oh that would have been so funny to watch your mom do that. Poor poor grandma :)

Yes, Legos as annoying as they are for the little pieces are so wonderful in the hours and hours they will be played with-i.e. free time for mom!

Thanks so much for linking up

He & Me + 3 said...

This theme is so much fun. I think I might have to join in next month...If I remember.
glad the weather is getting a little cooler.. We had a cool week and now it is back in the 90's with high humidity. Ugh.
I think shadow your student is a great thing. I might have to mention that next PTO meeting.
Too funny about the poo:)

blueviolet said...

I thought the balloon was part of the light at first!

It's nice that temps are starting to come down!

Foursons said...

I love this idea. I need to remember to do this carnival.

I'm jealous of your cool temps!

Kim said...

LOL! 8 & 9 are great! You had a great August overall. Hope September is even better.

Jodee Leader said...

So glad it's cooling off a tiny bit there! Hope you have a great September!

Mrs Montoya said...

I love reading the lists that link up with EmmyMom.

Poor Grandma - I was cracking up when I read that. All great things to smile about!

Angie Vik said...

98 is sure alot better than the 119 you posted about last month. We don't hit 98 very often. I always enjoy my visits to your blog.