Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TYVM - 7/1/10 Hosted by ME!

It's Free Therapy Day!! That's right, it's Thursday, which means it's the Thank You Very Much day. The way it works is that you take out all your frustrations on people/things that peeved you off during the week and thank them in a very sarcastic way, for being who or what they are/doing what they did. I know everyone can use some free therapy, so go ahead and type yours out, grab Kmama's button, and then link up with me so that we can all share in each other's therapy.

It is my EXTREME honor to be able to host Kmama's Thank You Very Much today! If you have never been here before, welcome to my blog and Thank You Very Much (not sarcastically) for stopping by and hopefully linking up. NOW, on to the Thank Yous!

To my dry scratchy feet, Thank You Very Much for snagging the sheets and wounding innocent bystanders that I might accidentally brush with my feet! Can you say "Pedicure"?  I can, and I will be saying it to DaddyO this weekend!

To the HUGE bug that appeared to be dead on my kitchen floor, Thank You Very Much for coming back to life and running at mach speed across the floor as soon as I tried to brush you in to the dust pan! I'm sure my screaming and jumping on to the counter was hilarious but it's a little embarrassing to have to be rescued by a 6 year old!

To little Miss Daisy, Thank You Very Much for sneaking in to Lily's room and getting black paint all over your white outfit 1 minute after I got you dressed. Could you please slow down? I need at least 30 seconds to wash my hands after changing your diaper. Mmmm-kay? Love ya!

Thank You Very Much to Kmama (no sarcasm) for allowing me to host your meme this week!  Also, for making sure we didn't miss our therapy session just because you are on vacation, in beautiful San Diego, with no kids while I'm in the scorching heat dreaming of Sea World and Seaport Village (ok, maybe a bit of sarcasm in that one). It's not like you've been rubbing it in or anything! ;)

Link 'em up, everyone, and I will come by and make sure your "issues" are heard!


Foursons said...

The bug coming back to life cracked me up!

Brandi said...

Look at you hosting! :)

I hate it when my feet snag the covers. *cringe*

Just getting ready for bed... I'll be back in the a.m. to link up. ;)

Kim said...

Loved this all of them, super funny! I hope you enjoy your pedicure this weekend. I would join you if I were closer!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Oh, my feet have been the same way. So gross!

passionofthemom said...

LMAO My feet are the same way. It irritates me to no end, but not nearly as much as the fact that I can't afford the pedi to fix it. C'est la vie...LOL

*shudders* Ew, I hate bugs!!! It would have taken more than a 6-year old to rescue me...I'm a total freaking sissy about those things. xD I always give them a liberal spritzing of bug spray before I try to dispose of them, just to ensure that I won't have one making a break for it and scaring the living daylights out of me.

Now if you will excuse me, I must go back to snagging all the fibers on the couch cushions with my snaggle feet. LMAO Great post this week!!

The Real Me! said...

Had to giggle. I can totally relate to the whole bug thing. Don't like bugs and I'll usually make one of my kids kill it! LOL! And I say it sounds like you deserve a pedi!

Have a GREAT day.
Thanks for hosting!

Evonne said...

Ew! I hate bugs!

That sounds like the length of time it takes for my son to mess up his clothes, too.

He & Me + 3 said...

That is too funny about the bug. I want to know how they do that. They really do look dead.
My feet are about at that stage too. Time for us to get pedicures.

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness - I would have been shrieking at that "dead" bug!!!

Thanks for hosting, I'll be back!

Emmy said...

Congrats on hosting this week. Oh and that bug would have freaked me out too!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I feel ya on the bug ... and the feet! :)

Kmama said...

Thanks again for hosting!

I've had the same thing happen to me with bugs before, only I've been using my hand to brush them away and then they fly into my face or something. Aaahh!